How Does An Exercise Bike For Children Work?

How Does An Exercise Bike For Children Work?

Daily physical activity is vital for people of every age. 

For adults, it can help us stay mobile, healthy, lose weight, and fight off chronic disease.  In children, there are even more benefits.

Not only does regular exercise provide physical benefits, but it also ensures that they develop mentally and cognitively as well. 

Teaching our children healthy habits early in life is a key to ensuring they grow properly, but it’s not always an easy task.  Seeking out fun ways to incorporate daily activity and asking questions like “how does an exercise bike for children work” is a good starting point.

In this article, we will discuss one physical fitness option for children, riding an exercise bike.  

We’ll talk about the differences between children’s exercise bikes and those for adults, some of the benefits of the equipment, and what to look for in a child-specific model.

What Is An Exercise Bike For Children?

Children are physically mini-humans, and therefore can’t ride adult-sized equipment. 

Just like there are child-sized bikes for the outdoors that come in cool colors, with kid-friendly accouterments like streamers and racing wheels, and with modifications like training wheels to help them learn to ride safely, there are indoor exercise bikes with some of these same components.

Child Indoor Bike

Designed to be much smaller than exercise bikes for adults, these mini-models are usually adjustable to a variety of settings so that they can grow with your child.  

They come in bright colors that appeal to kids, and some have interactive components like computer screens, reading desks, or programmable settings that let kids ride through scenic courses as they’re pedaling.

All of these extras help get kids excited about exercise and keep them interested in the activity once they’re on the bike.

Benefits Of Riding An Exercise Bike For Children

There are lots of benefits to children of getting regular exercise, and several are specific to riding an exercise bike.  They include:

  • Improved Concentration:  Studies have found that children who participate in regular physical activity are better able to concentrate on doing other tasks.  Riding a bike could make it easier for them in a classroom setting by clearing their mind and burning off excess energy.
  • Developing Balance and Coordination:  Riding a bike outdoors requires a good deal of balance and coordination.  Some parents like their children learning the fine motor skills involved in the movement like sitting upright and pedaling on an indoor bike where there is much less risk of injury.  This allows children to develop balance and coordination without a chance of tipping over.
  • Increased Energy and Better Mood:  People of every age get a boost of endorphins following cardiovascular activity.  In children, this can result in clearer focus, more energy, and a happier overall mood.  Many families believe happy children equate to happy parents as it becomes easier to raise and teach kids who are in a positive frame of mind.
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    Gets the Brain Working:  Dozens of scientific studies point to the fact that exercise plays a vital role in cognitive development in children.  Kids who regularly engage in physical activity have higher scores in reading and math, better reasoning skills, and develop higher logic.  They also have higher IQ scores and do better on tests.

​​​​What To Look For In Exercise Bikes For Children

The best type of exercise bike for your kids is one that they will ride. 

Search for models that offer lots of adjustment options so that you can configure the seat, pedals, and handlebars to be at comfortable angles for your child.  

Many models will be age specific, so choose one in a range that both suits your child now and will grow with them over time.

The most important thing to consider is how to make the activity fun for your child.  

Models that have interactive designs or that sync with mobile devices like iPads are popular because they make it feel like a game. 

Be sure to help your kids find ways to make fitness fun to help them instill good habits for their lifetime.


Physical fitness is essential to the health, wellbeing, and development of children.  One great way to help kids get active is to get them an exercise bike with upgrades that will make it an enjoyable way to get moving.  

Invest in a model that offers adjustments for comfort and will grow with your child over time.

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