Road Bikes Vs Commuter Bikes 

 October 7, 2021

By  Max Shumpert

Be it any mode of transportation; one always explores a variety of options before purchasing that product. Buying a bike for the first time is one of those dilemmas when you can not make the right choice without proper research. Here, we will discuss road bike vs commuter bike in detail. 

So, if you are one of those who are still confused about the differences between a road bike and a commuter bike, then you have come to the right place.

Road Bike

Bikes brand designs road bikes are explicitly designed to cover long distances in a short time. They are pretty light in weight and include instruments and features that thrusts you forward, thus making them ideal for speed.

Road bikes are best suited for commuting, touring, and racing. However, they are mainly used by cyclists, professional or non-professional.

Types of best road bikes


The cost of a road bike can vary from $200 to $17000, depending on its features, model, and road bike brands


Commuter Bike

Commuter bikes are all about comfort and utility over form or speed. A commuter bike offers secure grips allowing wrist support and wider saddles to the rider, ensuring a more elegant journey instead of focusing on speed.

These bikes are heavier and have straight handlebars along with comfortable saddles that are wider. While the heavyweight makes it durable and promises longevity, straight handlebars render the rider a more upright stance and comfortable position for long journeys or daily cycling.

The price range of a commuter bike can go well above $10000. However, if you are purchasing one for the first time, then you should keep a budget that varies from $500 to $1500.

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commuter bike

Road bike vs Commuter bike

  • First and foremost, a road bike is just not about commuting. It benefits you in fitness and saves up most of your time. A commuter bike, on the other hand, assists you in a comfortable ride with the sole purpose of reaching the destination.
  • However, when it comes to fitness or working out, one can use any bike for exercise, but it is just a matter of degree that widens the difference between a road bike and a commuter bike.
  • 2021 Road bikes are lightweight. It uses a rigid casing and fork, giving the rider an extra push on the road or slope. In comparison, a commuter bike puts comfort over speed. They are heavy but provide a front suspension and heavy tires, thus making them an adequate choice for most commutes.
  • Road bikes cater to a performance stance position rather than an upright, sturdy, and comfortable position in commuter bikes, making it difficult for the rider to keep up for a lengthy period of time.
  • A flexible commuter bike assists you in a smooth ride and offers features entirely built for your convenience. Due to its flexibility, the rider can load weight to it, and it surely will give you the best ride anyway. On the contrary, a road bike fails to bear a heavy load, mostly due to its construction and performance towards sports.

Speaking of weight, one can always opt for a hybrid bike that incorporates the qualities of both road and commuter bikes. Best hybrid bikes can assist you on the road, similar to a road bike, but they can also carry heavy loads as they are just another variant of a mountain bike.

Bikes that lie ‘in between’ road and commuter

Hybrid bikes 

These bikes possess the features and qualities of both commuter and road bikes. However, one can also say that a hybrid bike is another variation of a mountain bike. A hybrid bike that offers both versatility and comfort can become a suitable choice for those who are still doubtful about getting a road bike or a commuter bike.

Flat bar road bike 

Flat bar road bikes are some of the most popular bikes that a cyclist prefers to purchase. These bikes offer a comfortable and efficient ride while maintaining a good speed on the road. They might not be as fast as a road bike, but they do render a more convenient position along with a higher speed level than a commuter bike.

Rugged hybrid bikes 

These bikes can give you the feeling of riding a mountain bike due to their efficient features. Even though one cannot literally use it as a mountain bike, it surely withstands unpaved roads or tracks and gravel paths due to its flexibility. Rugged hybrid bikes are mainly built for city riding, but you can _ your imagination since it is more than just a commuter bike.

Urban or city bikes 

A city bike is most appropriate to ride around a lively and busy town. These interesting and riveting urban or city bikes include features like lights and compact storage that make the ride more pleasant.

Folding bikes 

Folding bikes share few qualities of a commuter bike. And it sounds correct - a folding bike; it can be folded and stored away if you live in an apartment or do not like the idea of keeping it outside. Now, you must think that if a bike is foldable, it might have a downside regarding its features. But that’s a no. They can be reliable for a short as well as a long journey according to your convenience. 


E-bikes use rechargeable batteries that help in speed, but it needs a little assistance from the rider who needs to pedal to reach a higher level of speed. Electric bikes look precisely like a regular bike with just an addition of an electrical drive system that includes an electric motor, a display screen or controller, and a battery.

People Also Ask

Are road bikes good for commuting?

Road bikes are suitable for commuting if the distance is long and there is an urgency to reach the destination. If you are looking for a comfortable commute, then commuter bikes would be the best option over road bikes.

What is a commuter bike?

A commuter bike includes all the features that offer convenience, a sturdy and upright stance for a clear view on the road, and flexibility for a smooth and stable ride.

Can a commuter bike go off-road?

Since the sole purpose of a commuter bike is to give a smooth riding experience, it steers clear from advanced braking mechanisms that keep them from going off-road.

What is the difference between a road bike and a city bike?

  • A city bike comprises features that are similar to hybrid as well as commuter bikes. While road bikes are exceptionally appropriate for endurance and fitness, a city bike can assist you on occasional outings, to and from work in a close range, and on a leisure Sunday ride. 

  • A city bike also offers various other features such as fenders, a bell, lights, a kickstand, and a rack that will serve you with extra benefits should you plan to commute for a longer distance. Road bike usually does not provide a comfortable ride when it exceeds a specific time period due to their aerodynamic riding position and drop handlebars.

What is the best bike for riding in the city?

A commuter bike will be the best option if someone plans long rides around the city. A city bike also covers this area when it comes to riding in the city, given its features that are similar to a commuter and a hybrid bike.


To sum up, one needs to do their research well before purchasing a bike keeping in mind the topics discussed above also keep in mind to choose most comfortable bike seat, depending on comfort and budget. However, we hope that the above discussion on road bikes vs. commuter bikes has helped you make the right decision. So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge!

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