Do Cyclists Really Have Better Sex?

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How is cyclists sex life ? Does cycling affect you in bedroom? 

These are the questions that remains on the mind of many cyclists- does adding all that pressure to your intimate spaces will affect your sexual health? 


Cycle To Work Day conducted a study by reviewing how some commuters were affected by their cycling. They discovered that 66 percent of people said their relationships improved after cycling and 39 percent credited cycling for giving them extra energy during sex and in the bedroom.

Does cycling affect testosterone?

Many people have common questions like, does cycling affect testosterone? Does cycling affect infertility?

All the positive effects of cycling like cardiovascular health, stress reduction, strength, and more are very well known, however, there has been a long and various discussion over the sexual and urinary health issues.

But to answer this question, we would say yes, cycling really can make your sex life better and can add healthy sex benefits!

Note: American Urological Association and The Journal Of sexual Medicine says that both men and women cyclists’ sexual functions are no worse than the swimmers and runners. 

The results of men’s sexual health showed that the cyclists had no worse erectile function than the males who did not cycle. Cycling does not harm your lower urinary system. Additionally, seat types of bikes had no notable effect on the results. 

The results of women’s sexual health showed that cycling has no appreciable effect on female’s urinary functions. Additionally, seat differences in bikes did not affect the results. However, there was no difference between cyclists and non-cyclists related to women’s sexual functions. 

Now, let’s examine some of cycling’s sex benefits:

Cycling sex benefits

1. Fitness & Confidence

Cycling, as a form of athleticism and exercise, builds your body. Not only do you look physically fit, but you also feel fit. Achieving a good and healthy body type can help boost your confidence.

Cycling confidence

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Confidence will not only make you perform better in the bedroom, but it will also make you more attractive to others. Plus, who doesn’t love a hot body?

2. Stamina

Cycling, as an endurance sport, builds stamina. How long can you ride? Cycling can help you train to ride longer, better, and faster, without giving in.

Cycling works on your cardiovascular system, so training that system will allow you to work harder for longer periods of time.

3. Endorphins

Most exercises, and cycling, in particular, release endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that are released from the pituitary gland into the body. These hormones give the body and brain a natural high, leading to a feeling of physical and mental satisfaction.

Because of their euphoric nature, Endorphins can create and heighten sexual arousal. Endorphins are also released during sex, so no wonder why there’s a parallel here.

4. Pump It

Cycling increases blood flow, which is scientifically proven to be good for your sex life. Increased blood flow to the body will give you more physical energy and longer lasting power in the bedroom.

Cyclists full of energy.

5. Muscles

Cycling particularly works on the legs, glutes, and lower back muscles. These muscles are vital to great sex performance, which is one of the reasons why cycling is beneficial to your sex life.

The more developed these muscles are, the longer you will be able to use them without growing fatigued.

Sex in itself is a physical workout that utilizes many of our body’s systems and muscles, so think of it like this, cycling prepares all parts of your body muscles to be worked out during sex. 

The more fit you are initially, the better experience you will most likely have because you can work harder in the bedroom.

Side Effects of Cycling for Male 

Cycling Impotence

Men who tend to bike more experience erection problems and numbness which are not new. When you sit on a bike for a longer period it puts pressure on your perineum. It is filled with arteries and nerves that supply oxygen to the penis.

Any problems caused to the nerves and blood vessels can make you unable to have an erection which can affect your sex life. 

You can reduce the risk of having Erectile dysfunction without sacrificing your love life.

You can switch to narrow comfortable bicycle seats with extra padding to support your perineum. Use lower handlebars that will lift your backside and reduce the pressure from your perineum.

Does Cycling Affect The Prostate?

The seat of the bike adds on the pressure to your perineum, the prostate is also located in the same area. When people ask, can bike riding affect the prostate area, there has not been proper evidence whether cycling affects the enlarged prostate. 

Additionally, cyclists are not at any kind of danger for further prostate issues such as prostatitis or prostate cancer. 

To avoid this issue you can choose the best bicycle brands that offer male-friendly bike seats. These seats are well cushioned and wide. Also, check whether they provide seats with a flexible nose. 

These can reduce the pressure on your perineum, however, you have to try it on your own. 

Easy Solutions For Better Cyclists Sex Life

You don’t have to forget cycling to maintain your sexual life. You can drop the wicked cycle of biking and sexual dysfunction by using these simple solutions.

Easy solutions for better sex

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  • Don’t use a seat with a narrow nose or racing one. Choose a wider seat with extra padding for comfort.
  • Do not tilt your seat in an upward direction. This will increase the pressure on the perineum.
  • Make sure your seat is at the correct height. 
  • Wear extra padded bike shorts for added protection. 
  • Sit more upright, raise your handlebars
  • Take frequent breaks while riding for long hours.

Consider a recumbent bike if you feel you have numbness or tingling in your private parts when you get off of the bike. 

Studies Show…

Arkansas University conducted a study among 400 men and women. They discovered that physically fit men and women found themselves to be more sexually desirable in comparison to the unfit men and women who participated.

80 percent of men who exercised two to three days a week voted themselves to be much more sexually desirable than average.

Shirtless fit cyclist.

60 percent of women who exercised two to three days a week voted themselves to be more sexually desirable than average.

88% of women who exercised four to five times a week said that they performed above average when it came to sex. 60% of men who exercised four to five times a week said the same thing about themselves.

Common FAQs

Are cyclists good in bed?

Endurance is a key in cycling, it builds your strength and stamina as well as develops muscles that are great for sex. You get strong legs and core, as well as the cardiovascular system keeps you in a good condition for longer hours.

Does cycling reduce fertility?

Basic working out can cause hormonal imbalances like a decrease in testosterone or lower sperm production. However, evidence suggests that cycling is the only exercise that influences sperm productivity.

Is cycling good for female fertility?

Many studies showed that intense exercises like running and cycling for longer hours can be strenuous. But the studies proved that cycling has improved sperm counts and fertility with regular exercises. 

Is it OK to ride a bike every day?

Daily exercise like cycling can improve your cardiovascular health, reduce stress, and boost your fitness. You can cycle an hour and not drop a pound. However, you might gain a few. 

How do I protect my balls when cycling?

There are many things you should do to prevent testis problems while cycling. Pedal regularly to allow the blood flow while standing out of the saddle to resume testes to genitalia. Choose a good pair of padded bicycle shorts to provide extra protection to your undercarriage. 


Cycling is without doubt the best and the healthiest sport. But additionally, it not only improves your sex life but also reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular accidents.

Given that all factors like physical and mental wellbeing are also important and affect your sex life. If cyclists are fit and happy they lead a better sex life. 

The fact that cycling is beneficial for sex is another argument to get yourself a new bike!



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