Can an Electric Bike Pull a Trailer?

Do you have an electric bike? Most people with electric bikes are never sure whether they can pull a trailer. You’ve probably pulled a trailer with a conventional bike.

But can an electric bike pull a trailer? The answer is an absolute yes. Electric bikes are powerful and can pull trailers without any extra effort from the rider. The motor ensures you pull a trailer on a hilly road without noticing the extra weight.

However, you need to choose the best electric bike with the right size electric motor to match the trailer.

Can you use a bike trailer with an e-bike?

Without a doubt! An electric bike can pull a bike trailer without any problem. You just need to choose a suitable electric bike for pulling a trailer. The bike must meet your towing needs.

Generally, electric bikes are strong enough and can tow most trailers. Whether you’re towing a pet, child, or camping equipment, an electric bike will work just fine.

What’s more, the trailers are detachable. You can remove them when you don’t plan on using them. In fact, electric bikes are more suitable for pulling trailers than conventional bikes. This is because of the extra torque from the motor.

You can quickly go further on hilly areas without noticing the extra weight. The only consideration is the weight and size of the object you want to tow. You need the best electric motor to match the trailer weight.

Electric bikes are capable of towing more weight with minimal effort. So, what are the common trailers attachments to use with an electric bike?

Types of Bike Trailers You Can Tow

There are specific trailers for anything you might want to tow with an electric bike. Most common cargo trailers weigh around 40 lbs. This is before adding any cargo, pets, or kids.

So what are the different types of trailers you can use with an electric bike and ride smoothly?

Towing cargo trailers

The first and most common type of trailer is the cargo trailer. Cargo trailers are pretty versatile and come in different shapes and sizes. The various designs allow riders to carry heavy cargo safely over long distances.

towing cargo trailers for electric bikes

You can carry anything from camping gear or work tools. Cargo trailers can come with one wheel, two wheels, three wheels, or four wheels, depending on the items you intend to carry.

One-wheel trailers are ideal for narrow tracks. They are perfect when you need to make multiple turns. Four-wheel trailers are pretty stable but require a lot of effort to pull.

Two-wheel cargo trailers are the lightest and carry the least load. If you’re looking to haul heavy equipment, then consider a four-wheel cargo trailer. However, bear in mind the motor capacity.

Kid Trailers

Next, we have the kid trailers that come with two or three wheels. The trailers come with a single or two built-in seats for the kids. They are versatile designs and can double as a pet trailer. However, we have pet trailers as well.

There are two types of kid trailers. These are the open and the enclosed models. Both trailer tropes feature straps that hold the child in place for safety.

When choosing a kid trailer, consider various safety and comfort features. Some of the best id trailers feature neck support pillows and helmets.

Kids Trailers

There are many to fit different children. Some of the strongest can support up to 300 pounds. However, drag is relatively minimal for electric bikes on a smooth road.

It is always important to check specific local laws on carrying kids on trailers. The regulations vary from one state to another.

Pet trailers

We’ve already mentioned pet trailers which are pretty similar to cargo trailers. They come in different sizes and shapes to fit different pets. Pet trailers feature a rigid bottom and enclosed sides.

Pet Trailers

The last thing you want is your pet escaping while on the road. Most pet trailers are usually two-legged and lightweight. You can use some pet trailers to carry light cargo like groceries.

The ideal size pet trailer depends on the size of your pet. For larger dog breeds, make sure you choose a big-size trailer.

Types of E-Bikes Ideal For Trailers (Factors to Consider)

Well, not all electric bikes are suitable for trailer pulling. When choosing an electric bike for pulling a trailer, there are a few things to consider. You need to have the trailer to pull in mind and choose a matching bike.

Below are crucial factors to consider for electric bikes used in pulling trailers.

Motor power

Depending on the type of cargo you’re going to tow, you need to choose a matching motor power. For heavy load, you need a bike with a higher motor.

Most e-bikes feature a motor power of 250W. These are usually perfect for light loads on smooth and flat surfaces. However, for heavy cargo on hilly roads, you need a motor power of 350W to 750W.

In general, make sure you choose a motor power that matches up with the trailer weight. For example, cargo and terrain demanding 250W requires a motor of 350W.

However, make sure you check the local laws on battery power. Most limit motor power to 500W or 750W.

Battery Capacity

Next, consider the battery capacity and choose electric bikes with bigger battery capacities. This is crucial when towing heavy cargo for long distances.

A heavier power draw tends to consume battery power faster. You can also consider carrying a second battery when going for long distances.

Type of motor

There are three types of motors to consider. These are the front hub, mid-drive and rear hub. Front hub motors are connected to the front wheel, the mid-drive motors to the bike’s crank, and the rear hub motors on the back wheel.

You need a motor type that will offer you the best performance. Generally, a mid-drive motor offers excellent towing performance. Their center location ensures good balance. Rear and front motors can affect balance.

In addition, mid-drive motors take advantage of the bike’s gears. However, mid-drive motors are more expensive than front hub motors. Just choose a motor type that best works for your towing needs.


Lastly, you need to consider the brakes and choose accordingly. You need efficient braking, especially when carrying heavy loads. Choose disc brakes as they offer better consistency and perform well in wet conditions.

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How do you attach a bike trailer to an electric bike?

Bike trailers feature attachment systems that make attachment pretty easy. Most feature a rear triangle that attaches to the seat post. They can also feature a quick-release skewer on the rear wheels.

When choosing a trailer, make sure it is compatible with the electric bike. Areas around the axle and disc brakes always cause compatibility issues. You can watch the video below on how to attach a bike trailer to an electric bike.

How much weight can an electric bike tow?

Most electric bikes can tow weights of 220-300 pounds. However, there are stronger and powerful bike modes that can even haul heavier loads.  There are different kids electric motorcycle with varying weight capacities.

Depending on the motor power, some electric bikes can tow up to 550 pounds. This is why you need to consider the type of trailers you intend to pull before choosing an electric bike.

However, for general pet or child pulling, most electric bikes with a weight limit of 220-300 pounds can effectively pull the weight.

Final Thoughts

Generally, electric bikes can pull almost all trailers. However, there are various factors to consider when choosing a suitable bike for a trailer. Extra-trailer loads require more effort to pull. This demands an electric bike with a more powerful motor and higher battery capacity.

Keep two things in mind when using an electric bike to pull a trailer. The distance to cover and the weight you’re towing.

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