Scott Bikes

Scott Bikes

Many bike companies will try and tout innovation and excellence. Scott Bikes actually does it. The Endorphin was Scott’s first carbon bike and with wins in the Olympics and the World Cup, the name and the company took off.

With a wide range of bikes for all levels of riders, Scott has become a company of industry leading technology and forward thinking.

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Who is Scott?

Scott started out not even making bikes or bicycle parts. The first foray of the company was actually ski poles. Ed Scott pioneered the first aluminium ski poles in 1958, from there the Scott company grew to more exciting and adventurous modes.

Scott Bike was formed in 1989 when Charley French made the first aerodynamic handlebar. The bike side of the company grew like wild fire and by 1995 Scott was a household name. The Endorphin was Scott’s first carbon bike and with wins in the Olympics and the World Cup, the name and the company were huge.

1998 saw the release of the G-Zero, the (at the time) worlds lightest full suspension bike. Scott continued to innovate and seek lighter and lighter frames. In 2001 to 2003 they unveiled two models, culminating with the CR1, the lightest frame ever (895 grams).

Scott continues to make new innovations for racing, casual riders and trail enthusiasts. 2003 saw the arrival of Genius, a full suspension bike with adjustable (three-position) shocks. The Genius won the marathon event in the 2003 World Cup.

Every year Scott introduces a new concept, even if not in Bikes. Sportswear, skiing and motor bikes are still departments under the Scott umbrella.

Scott - popular Bike Models

Scott manufactures all types of bikes imaginable. Cross country, mountain, urban, electric, Cyclocross and even road bikes.

Spark 900

Versatile, light weight and commanding, the Spark 900 is one of Scott’s most popular singletrack bikes. Kevlar tires, 120mm fork travel, forward seated designed frame with drop handles for more control, the Spark 900 has thought of everything.

Accuarcy in shifting and power come from SRAM’s XX1 trigger and crank. Hydraulic brakes and large Maxxis Kevlar tubeless tires give balance, power and performance to a bike that only weighs 24 pounds.

Addict RC

HMX carbon frame and fork combined with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain make for a speed performance machine rivaled by few.

The Addict RC road bike is efficient with a short crank that puts the power when and where you need it. Uphill and coasting result in the same power band allowing you to maintain speed and maneuver effortlessly.

Scott Speedster 50 

The Scott Speedster 50 is a great bike for those who want to spend less thna a thousand dollars but still get a very capable road bike. To find out more about this high-performing 14-speed bike check out our Scott Speedster 50 Review.

SCOTT Contessa mountain & road bikes 

Scott's Contessa Mountain & Road bike line is a series of bikes designed specifically for women. This line offers both beginner friendly bikes and expert level bikes. Find out more abou the Contessa Series in our Scott Contessa Review.


The Scott Silence EVO is a hybrid bike designed for general purpose driving. It's equipped with a set of durable tires and a unique drivetrain system. To find out more about the unique qualities of this bike, check out our Scott Silence EVO Review.

Scott spark 730

Equipped with a remotely changable front and back suspension, and a light Carbon mainframe, the Scott Spark 730 is a well equipped for uphill climbing.
It's also great for enduro riding, cross-country, single track riding you name it.
In our Scott Spark 730 Review we go into the details and tech specs of this bike.

Scott E-Spark 700

The motorized version of the excellent mountain biking like by Scott, the E-Spark 700 adds a motor to the already responsive Spark-700 making for the dream mountain bike. We take a deeper look at the alloy frame and shimano brakes in our E-Spark 700 In-depth review.

Scott Scale 965

Aluminum Alloy frame, Shimano M365 brakes and a Sram NX1 Shifter are just some of the tech specs for the Scott Scale 965. For a deeper look at the capabalities of this quality mountain bike check out our Scott Scale 965 In-depth Review.