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Bianchi Bikes

Bianchi Bikes

Bianchi is a renowned global bike manufacturer and the oldest bike manufacturing company in the world, always on the forefront of bicycle innovation.
Bianchi is considered by many to be the grandfather of the biking world.

Bianchi has one of the longest running histories in the bicycle manufacturing industry. Though the company’s headquarters are in Milan, Italy, they supply their bikes worldwide. 

They even have a subsidiary in the United States that monitors the production of bicycles manufactured in Taiwan and Italy for the global market. Given their extensive background, it’s not surprising that this company makes a variety of bicycles ranging from race bikes to cyclocross and triathlons. 

History of Bianchi

The mastermind behind this brand is Edoardo Bianchi, who founded the company in 1885 when he was just 21 years. Edoardo had prior experience hand-crafting medical equipment so he was well-versed in manufacturing precise instruments. It is this skill that he applied when making his first bicycle in 1888.

However, what really steered his invention to fame was the sponsorship he received from Giovanni Tomaselli at the Grand Prix of Paris in 1889.

Backed by the increasing popularity of cycling in the 1900s, Bianchi company expanded at an astonishing rate. By 1914, the company was manufacturing more than 45,000 bicycles annually, a number that some current manufacturers are still trying to attain.

Since designing the first modern bike, Bianchi has seen continued success. The company launched the “BMX” bike in 1982, designed for youngsters looking for a thrill while biking. BMX has since grown into an enormous subset of the biking industry.

A few years later, Bianchi was responsible for introducing the mountain bike. In 1990, the company introduced the modern city bike.

Since 1997, Bianchi has been a part of the Cycleurope A.B. group, themselves the Swedish branch of the Grimaldi group. Bianchi works with Cycleurope to implement the latest bicycle technologies on an international level.

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What Sets Bianchi Bikes Apart

Besides quality, there are a number of things that make Bianchi bieks stand out from the competition.

Color scheme

If you’ve ridden a Bianchi bike before, then you can agree that the celeste color is its most outstanding feature. There are several schools of thought that explain the origins of this hue. One legend has it that the inventor got excess paint in this color from the Italian army. Another alleges that Bianchi wanted to make a bike for his queen, so he tried to match the bicycle’s color to that of her eyes. 

While we may never know the color’s true origin, what we know is that it’s changed quite a bit throughout history. However, this color is always noticeable and it’s contributed to the company’s popularity among fans who would never consider cycling a bike in any other color. 

Countervail technology

Bianchi first incorporated this technology in its Infinito bike frames. The Materials Sciences Corporation owns the copyrights to this tech that is now being used in an array of applications including military helicopters. 

The main idea behind countervail is to minimize vibrations without compromising on the structure of the item where it’s been installed. 

With bicycles, it involves the use of a viscoelastic resin and structural carbon. The result is a reduction in the amount of vibrations that individuals feel as they ride. Bianchi claims that their countervail technology reduces up to 80% of road vibrations while enhancing the stiffness and durability. 

Bianchi Bike Sizing

This bicycle company has always been consistent when it comes to sizes. Most of the bikes range from 44 to 61 cm, which means they’re suitable for different users. But what makes this brand unique is the fact they make each of their products in a wide range of sizes. Some Bianchi bikes are made in up to 9 different sizes. 

Bianchi- Popular Bike Models


Bianchi Specialissima

The Specialissima is one of the lightest race bikes from the brand. It has a design best suited for professional cyclists. And even though is has a really big head tube and a base bracket that provide adequate stiffness, the manufacturer manages to keep its weight to under 780g. 

Bianchi Oltre XR4

In addition to speed and agility, the Oltre XR4 is known for its aero features. Like its predecessors- the XR, XR1 and XR2- this one is also fitted with an hourglass-shaped head tube and fork legs that curve outwards. These features help in minimizing turbulence between the front wheel and fork. 


Bianchi Infinito

With this bike, Bianchi has blended its proprietary countervail technology and endurance-race structure, making this a highly versatile machine. The rounded discs are another noteworthy feature, and they help to improve safety. 

Better yet, this bicycle is equipped with Adjustment Modulation System (AMS), giving you the freedom to choose your lever position. You can learn more about this bike in our Bianchi Infinito in-depth review.

Bianchi Intenso

The Intenso is designed for riders looking for a fast, and agile bicycle. This bike boasts fulcrum racing 618 wheels alongside aluminum rims, providing you a very smooth ride.

Though it doesn’t have countervail technology, it still has many of the features you’ll find in high-end bikes such as Shimano 105 components, Ultegra disc brake and a monocoque carbon frame.
In our Bianchi Intenso review we take a better look at the features and specs of this bike.


Bianchi Aquila

For the triathlete, the Bianchi Aquila Ultegra is a solid choice. A unique aspect about this bicycle is that the carbon frame and fork are structured together. Essentially, they’re integrated at the fork and this provides better airflow around the front, and subsequently, enhancing your performance. 

It’s also equipped with Shimano Ultegra groupset. Factor in the 2 x 11 speed transmission, and you have a bike that’s super responsive and reliable. 

Bianchi Aria

The Aria is considered the brand’s entry-level aero bicycle. However, this doesn’t mean that it falls short of any features. In fact, it has an angular-shaped frame that is smaller than the ordinary size of 50 cm to boost its aerodynamic. What’s more, the frame and fork are designed to work in conjunction with each other to minimize drag. 

The Dama Bianca

One of the reasons why Bianchi is so popular is because it caters to all types of consumers: young and old, female and male, casual and professional riders. The Dama Bianca is the brand’s line of racing bikes designed specifically for women. As a result, they have smaller frame sizes and components that are carefully chosen to suit the female rider. 

This series includes models from the Infinito, Intenso, Impulso, Via Nirone 7 and Intrepoda. The range of the frame size starts from 44 to 55 cm and it’s made in a dozen colors including celeste, black, silver and white. 


Made by one of the oldest bike companies, Bianchi bikes are one of the most sought-after models by cyclists, and for good reason. The company boasts a century’s worth of experience, and this has enabled them to come up with technologies geared towards making your rides smoother and more pleasant. A good example is countervail tech which aids in minimizing road vibrations.