Bianchi Intenso Road Bike Review

Bianchi Intenso Carbon Italian Road Bike

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Product: Bianchi Intenso Road Bike
Pros Frame, kevlar reinforcements, stability
Cons Wheelset, style (?)
Summary The combination of one of the best carbon frames available, along with the high level of components and Shimano 105 gear parts, makes it more than impressive.
Our Rating 75/100
Manufacturer Bianchi

When they was first introduced carbon fiber frames for Bianchi Intenso, carbon fiber frames were considered the very best frames available, and were also insanely expensive.

At the time, it made sense. The process was very labor intensive, and not many really had a good grasp on it.

Thankfully, as time has gone on, carbon fiber has become more accessible, and also better in its overall quality.

It makes sense that Bianchi, the oldest bike manufacturer in the world, would put out what many consider the best carbon fiber frame road bike currently out there.

The Bianchi Intenso offers much in terms of frame quality and components, and does so without hitting the high price range you’ll find with other bikes (including many of theirs.)

The Intenso enjoys the prestige of being under top-tier price ranges, while offering a ride quality that very much feels elite.


FRAME: Carbon

BREAKSET: Dual-Pivot

SHIFTERS: 20-speed Shimano 105

WHEELS: Fulcrum Racing Sport 700c x 23c

TIRES: Fulcrum Racing Sport 700c x 23c

To be clear, carbon frames aren’t for everyone, but the vast majority of road bikers still prefer them. Carbon fiber is indeed light when used as a frame, but there is also a bit of give to it that makes it not so great for high-speed racing.

Fortunately, the average recreational rider and event competitors don’t need every single speed advantage possible, as better shock absorption and lighter weight are generally favored instead.

If you’re more of a recreational rider, this is definitely true.

The Intenso may offer plenty of high-end components, but the frame and fork are the its best aspects. When fully equipped, the bike comes in weighing about 18 lbs, which is very light when compared with other bikes in the same price range.

You also get a full carbon fork, with added kevlar reinforcement that gives it some better stability.

The frame offers a more race-oriented rising stance, but not so much as to make you feel forced into learning forward at all time. This is very much a racing bike, but it’s perfectly fine as a recreational bike, or even as a commuter. A very fancy commuter.

The Intenso’s drivetrain consists of Shimano crankset and cassettes, and also includes Shimano 105 front and rear derailleurs for good measure.

The result is a snappy, responsive, and efficient total of 20 speeds, all controlled with Shimano 105 shifters that are very effortless.

The bike’s brakes are dual-pivot and are are operated by very responsive and smooth Reparto Corsa levers.

Bianchi Intenso Road Bike front chain ring

The wheelset is one of the more impressive aspects of the Intenso, as you get two Fulcrum Racing Sport wheels that offer the exact amount of rigidness that pairs well with the bike’s frame and fork.

They are considered more in the mid-range of what the company offers, but again, they are a perfect match for the bike. This includes the tires as well.

Just as with the brake levers, the Intenso’s seatpost and saddle are both made by Reparto Corsa, and both offer a good sense of comfort, and look great as well.

In fact, the Intenso is one of the sharpest and best road bikes we’ve seen in awhile. It’s got the classic Bianchi look, but opts for a different color scheme from the traditional powder blue — and with great results.

At the end of the day, the Intenso stands out above other carbon frame bikes in this price range. You get the superior and time-tested engineering of a Bianchi frame, and some very good components for the most part as well. Hard to beat that.

Bianchi Intenso Road Bike BreaksetBianchi Intenso Road Bike saddle[tcb-script async=”” src=”//″][/tcb-script]

What we like

Where to start?

This is simply a great road bike through and through. Obviously the frame is the biggest highlight, and the kevlar reinforcements on the front fork take it to another level.

You still get the lighter weight of a carbon fork, but with some added stability and rigidness that gives the bike a more commanding feel when steering. This can’t be emphasized enough.

It makes a huge difference.

The Shimano 105 components are a big reason as to why many of the people that purchase this bike choose to not upgrade anything, at least for a year or two. Your drivetrain and shifters are good to go from day one, and you likely won’t find yourself wishing you used something else.

what we don’t like

Honestly, there really aren’t many complaints here. If anything, there are some who may wish that the Intenso came with wider tires, but most will be happy with the 23c size.

We’ve seen some complaints about the lack of traditional Bianchi styling, but that’s getting a bit nitpicky.

Some have also pointed out that the wheelset could be a little more on the high-end to better match the quality of the frame, but again, this particular model of Fulcrum Racing Sport wheels are a great match for the give in the frame, and the reinforced fork.

Bianchi Intenso Road Bike displayed in a room

Buying Advice

If you’re ordering this bike online, you’re going to want to set aside a bit of money so you can get the Intenso in for a proper tune up after you’ve assembled it. This will ensure that your gears and brakes are set up perfectly, and ready for action.

If you have a favorite type of saddle, you might want to get that as well.


This is easily one of our favorite bikes available. Binachi can do no wrong, and the Intenso is just another example as to why many of them consider them the kings of the road bike world.

The combination of one of the best carbon frames available, along with the high level of components and Shimano 105 gear parts, makes it more than impressive.

No, this isn’t a cheap road bike by any means, but you could easily spend twice the amount of money elsewhere, and end up with a bike that hardly offers a better riding experience.

If you’re looking for the best deal on a high-end carbon frame from a high-end bike manufacturer, the Bianchi Intenso is number one, hands down.

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