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Critical Cycles - Cycling Made Easy

Have you ever thought about trying cycling for fun? Or maybe as a way to squeeze some workout time into your busy schedules?

This sounds familiar to me, yet I’m always afraid to try. I worry about my safety and honestly, I don’t trust my cycling abilities that much. Besides, I won’t invest too much in a bike that I’m not sure whether I’m going to ride or not.

It wasn’t until someone introduced me to an affordable and functional bikes manufacturing company called: Critical Cycles, that I started to pursue my cycling fantasy.

What Is Critical Cycles? 

Known for their steel frame fixed-gear designs, Critical Cycles brings affordability to the “fixie” cycling trend. The company made it mark in the Fixie market and then quickly moved into all forms of casual biking.  

Critical Cycle's statement does the best job at defining what makes it special: “born of an ambition to eliminate the barriers to adventure and powered by an ethical business model and small team of innovators.  We savor every moment we have outside and want to share our appreciation of fresh air with you.”

Critical Cycles was launched with a goal in mind; to offer the most suitable bike options for commuters, who are in need of affordable, high quality and flexible and best bicycle.

They achieved that by offering a variety of options that seek to fulfill customer needs and allow them to venture into the city while having a smooth and simple ride.

CRITICAL CYCLES bikes - Our Reviews

Critical Cycles: The Backstory

The story begins at Retrospec, a famous bikes manufacturing company that’s fond of nature. They’ve got the urban commuter in their minds and they try to supply him with everything they can to make his outdoor cycling experience more rich and enjoyable.

Proudly made in California, Retrospec products are pretty minimalistic and practical. Their sole focus is to produce high-quality bikes at a low cost., and they did succeed in that. 

The company specializes in fixed-gear, single-speed, folding bikes for commuters and recreational cyclists.

You might be asking, what does this have to do with Critical Cycles?

In September 2018, Retrospec absorbed Critical Cycles, Traverse, and Ten Toes Boards. Aiming to merge these bicycle brands into a stronger collective force that offers versatile cycling gear to customers. Subsequently, enriching their outdoor cycling adventures.

Critical Cycles Mission 

The company's mission is basically to get people to stop being lazy and start being more energetic and active. 

They want to get as many people as they can off the bed, away from their desks, and on a bike as soon as possible. They’ve priced their models to do just that.

Critical Cycles' Statement 

The company's statement explains exactly why this company is so special and why everyone loves it. It reads as follows,

“Born of an ambition to eliminate the barriers to adventure and powered by an ethical business model and a small team of innovators. We savor every moment we have outside and want to share our appreciation of fresh air with you.”

Who Is Critical Cycles For?

These bikes aren’t for everyone. They’re targeting people who have a low-budget, yet who won’t compromise their bike’s performance for the price.

They’re also known for lightweight urban and commuting bikes, as they’re designed to tackle different trail types. We’ve to note that all of their products are single-speed, though.

If you’re an experienced cyclist, or you’re planning to enter a competition. This is not what you should be looking for.

Among the benefits you’ll receive is a frame warranty-for-life. Alongside a 30-day warranty for parts. 

Signature Bike: The Harper

Sleek, simple, elegant, and minimal. That’s how to describe Critical Cycles’ main offering: The Harper.

Harper is your two in one companion: a quick flip of your back wheel turns it from a single speed to fixie. This is also known as a fixed gearbox.

Riding fixed has its advantages: it's very safe, and it teaches you a decent pedaling technique. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with that, you can switch back to single speed.

Harper provides a smooth ride with machined riding for a safer, faster and more comforting ride. In addition to efficiency when braking, its handlebars, and Promax brakes aid to maintain total control over your ride.

Moreover, its deep V rims and thick tires assist you in gripping the streets of the city, therefore boosting your confidence while riding.

Folding Bike: The Judd

We all love a bike that would be convenient to park without having to worry about theft or weather damage.

The Judd offers that convenience with its easily foldable handlebar, handlebar grips, top-tube, and pedal that could be folded up to 10’’x30’’x22’’. Hence, simplifying the parking or storing of the bike, as it basically could fit anywhere and even indoors whether that's at work or at home.

However, the Judd doesn’t simply stop at its convenience in parking, but in riding as well. It's equipped with 20’’ Kenda Kwest commuter tires which allow for faster acceleration via a small force from your legs on the peddle. 

Beaumont City Bike

Now for a change of pace, the Beaumont City Bike, 7-Speed Step-thru is for riders who want to take control over their journeys with the bike's Shimano rear derailleur and RevoShift grip shifter.

Therefore, the bike doesn’t only offer an easier transition but a faster and smoother one as well.

This bike is perfect if you desire to zoom through the city or hilly blocks and it's dress and skirt friendly with its Step-Thru style frame. In addition to being comfortable for any age.

The Barron Hybrid

This one is for all the fitness lovers out there. It's also perfect for those of you who just fancy a quick escape from their daily repetitive routine in the urban city.

The Barron’s 6061 frame is very durable and lightweight, which makes it awesome for both cardio workouts and traveling through the countryside or the city.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about whatever roads you’ll be taking as it features a zoom suspension fork that absorbs bumps and pebbles on the road, which increases comfort and handling of the bike.

The Chatham Beach Cruiser

It’s a bit obvious from its name that the Chatham Beach Cruiser offers a chill and fun adventure cruising near the beach or the city itself.

The Chatham is equipped with a lightweight frame making it very fun to ride, not only near the beach but literally anywhere.

It'll certainly please everyone’s taste, with its different color schemes and unique style. Overall it's a very fun and intriguing bike to cruise around with.

The Parker

If you’re the type of person who loves to lead a simple routine in their everyday life, the Parker offers that simple feel and give to it.

It’s a single-speed bike designed for urban riders, who love to navigate the urban city. Those who appreciate the straightforward functionality and high-quality components of their bikes would love this. 

It focuses on comfort with its leather grips mustache handlebars, leather saddle, and 32-spokes front and rear wheels constructed with lightweight deep-v rims.

The Pursuit

Another single-speed option by Critical, the Pursuit’s main differentiating feature are the handlebars.  Installed in a bullhorn configuration, they give you lots of hand positioning options and let you ride leaning further forward for optimum comfort and performance.

Parting Thoughts

All in all, Critical Cycles has everything that you need as an amateur cyclist, whether you're looking for a fancy looking bike or a more efficient and budget-friendly one.

Whatever you're looking for, I assure you that you'll find at Critical Cycles.