The Best Winter Cycling Gear Guide of 2023 (Top Reviews)

Gear up your winter rides by choosing the best winter cycling gear that fits your budget & needs. See our top picks for winter cycling gears for women & men


Cycling in cold chilly weather can be amazing, it mostly depends on how well equipped you are.  You do not want to freeze or overheat on your ride.  Managing sweat ends up becoming the key factor that will determine the comfort of your ride.

Although most of the preliminary concern is being too cold, overheating can be the worst thing that can happen in the winter months.

When the temperature is above 70, you will normally need a basic kit that is a jersey, bibs or shorts, and socks. However, as soon as the temperature drops you will need to start adding layers.

Layering and protecting your extremities is the key to a comfortable ride.

What should I wear cycling in winter?

We heard many complaints from riders cycling in the cold weather, and so we set out to answer the question:”what should I wear?” 

Best Cycling Gears like thermal tights, gloves, toe warmers, shoes, jerseys, winterproof jackets help you to stay warm when you ride in the cold. 

Cycling is a very interesting sport, your lower body is constantly working while your upper body is stationary. And your upper body is the mass that continues to take the beating from the cold wind.  So, when it comes down to staying warm while riding you need to start with your core and then come towards the outward.

Here we have rounded up the best winter cycling gears and apparels to help you combine the best cycling gear kit for winter.

Essential Winter Layering

Let’s take a quick look at the tips for essential winter layering:

  • Use windproof winter gloves to keep your fingers warm.
  • Use shoe covers or toe warmers to keep your feet warm.
  • Use a base fabric layer on the skin to insulate with a thermal cloth.
  • Use different jackets to block the wind and rain and are reflective for road visibility.
  • Use leg and knee warmers for very cold weather cycling to add an extra warmth layer.

Inner layer

The inside clothes will help you keep warm. So always start with the core and then add on the gear layers as the temperature drops. First, make sure you choose the base fabric that is directly contact with your skin. This will help you in insulating with the thermal wears you put on above.

Inner Layer of Winter Cycling

Winter headbands

Riding in cold chilly weather can make your ears feel cold. The headbands keep your ears safe, warm, and also protect them from frostbite. You can find the best headbands variety from this REI’s page.

Women’s Winter Headbands

La Sportiva Knitty Headband

La Sportiva Knitty Headband

Get your cycling craze out with the best La Sportiva’s Knitty Headband. It is made with polyester to keep you warm while riding. 

The headband does well at staying on your head while riding, in case you move it from the front and from your eyes or turn around to get something, the headband won’t fall off.

The headband is light in weight and is cozy and comfortable to wear so that you can focus on the trails and slopes rather than dealing with the falls and malfunctioning of bands.

The headband has an amazing, popping appearance.

Men’s Winter Headbands

Fleece Ear Warmers Muff Winter Headband

Fleece ear mens winter headbands

The headband is made with high-quality fleece and polyester to provide warmth and reduce numbness in the ears. The material is very soft and comfortable in the ears so you don’t have to worry about your ears getting cold.

The headband is made in a circle shape to keep in place while riding your bike or while enjoying any other sports. 

The headband is super elastic and can be fitted to different age people. It is designed with a single layer of fleece with moderate thickness to protect your ears and not over warm it. 

You can also use them to sleep stress-free.

Winter Cycling jersey

The jersey is designed to protect from the chilly weather without overheating your body on warmer days. Choosing a breathable fabric can keep you warm and sweat-free when you ride on tough hills. You can find the best jerseys from the Amazon page.

Women’s Winter Cycling Jersey

Bontrager Meraj Endurance Women’s Cycling Jersey

Bontrager Women Cycling Jersey

It is a classic women’s jersey with expandable back pockets for extra storage. Front half zip provides great ventilation that helps to keep your body warm at core temperature.

The zippered pockets offer you security for your devices and lets you enjoy music while riding. The cuts are fitted according to the body fit or enhanced performance.

Men’s Winter Cycling Jersey

Fox Ranger Dri-Release Bike Jersey

Fox Ranger Mens Bike Jersey

The jersey is a soft feel and relaxed fit for men. It has an advanced moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you comfortable while riding on trails. The jersey can easily absorb your sweat and is easy to dry.It prevents odor so you can easily take a break at a cafe and feel comfortable while interacting with others. The length of the jersey is 31 inches. You can ride anywhere with this amazing Ranger Dri-Release Fox Jersey while providing the comfort of your tee-shirt.

Winter Cycling Tights

You need tights to keep your legs properly insulated and warmed up if you need riding in comfort. You can find the best selection of tights or bibs from amazon’s page if you like to commute every day or ride to work.

Women’s Cycling Tights

Escape Sugar Thermal Cycling Tights

Pearl Izumi Escape Cycling tights

The tights are soft, warm, and are designed with thermal fabric for effective moisture management while riding. The SELECT Escape 1:1 chamois is soft to the skin and blends easily with the body shape for maximum comfort. The waistband of the tights provides the utmost comfort.

The tights also include a key pocket at the side. The tights are highly visible due to their reflective elements. The tight is 29 inches in height and is designed in an ankle-length pattern. It is made with polyester and lycra material that offers softness to the user.

Men’s Cycling Tights

PEARL IZUMI Pursuit Hybrid Cycling Bib Tight

PEARL IZUMI Pursuit Hybrid Cycling Bib Tight, Black, X-Small

These bib tights are the ones to go for when you need to ride in comfort. These tights are made for cool days and can be used during spring and fall months.These tights are amazing when you have to ride in 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit and they can be highly used on lower temperatures than that if you need to run hot.It is designed with thermal fleece fabric with water-shedding dry technology. The combined legs offer a good range of motion while the bib offers stability and support. The chamois tight features high-end offers so riding won’t feel like you are attached to a torcher.

Winter Cycling Socks

Many people suffer cold feet while cycling and can shift the blood very quickly from your ties to other parts. Wearing a socks layer can keep your feet happy and warm this winter. Check out the best socks collection from this amazon page.

Women’s Cycling Socks

Fox Racing Winter Wool Socks


These socks are one of the best available in the market when it comes to standard cycling. These socks provide enough coverage and style to the user.

The socks are durable in construction and can hold up to long miles on a bike. These socks are designed specifically for trail riding.

The socks are made from a merino wool material which escapes the sweat and excess heat. The Natural anti-microbial fights off a bad odor. The socks are full cushioned to provide the best comfort to the rider while riding.

You can find many different women’s socks collections on this backcountry page.

Men’s Cycling Socks

SUGOi Zap Winter Socks

Sugai Zap mens winter socks

These socks are designed for men’s comfort and their construction is made for durability. The socks are light in weight and a perfect choice for everyone.

The Sugai Zap transfer yarn material provides the best moisture while riding. The flat toe design offers super comfort on the toe areas. 

The socks are of tall 6-inch cuff height for maximum reach. The Reflective cuff offers high visibility in the dark. You can also check out the best men’s socks collection from this steep and cheap page.

Cycling Toe Warmers

You can also use toe warmers for extremely cold conditions underneath your overshoes. The tow covers provide the best warmth for summer shoes in winter riding times. You can find the best toe warmers on the amazon page.

Cycling Toe Warmers For Women

Hot Sockee – Neoprene Toe Warmers – Cycling

Hot Sockee Neoprene Toe Warmers

These toe warmers have been designed to fit over your socks and inside your shoes, providing warmth at your toe areas. Hot Sockee toe warmers add an extra layer to your feet to keep them warm and comfortable while cold rides.The toe warmers are thin and cozy yet thick enough for proper isolation. Hot sockee requires very little space when used with a single sock while still offering comfort. The Hot Sockee 1.5mm Neoprene toe warmers are not like others available in the market. They are designed with perfect balance and comfort.


Cycling Toe Warmers For Men

Meister 2.5mm Thermal Neoprene Toe Warmer


Don’t let the cold catch your feet, use these toe booties for your next ice bath spree so you can enjoy the ride without toe discomfort. Meister Neoprene Toe Warmers have to be designed to be one of the best toe warmers available in the market.

With the perfect thickness of 2.5mm, the toe warmers keep your toes warm and do not add any extra load to your shoes. 

These Neoprene and polyester fabric booties will easily blend with your feet shape for maximum comfort.

Outer layer

You can use the mid-layer also as the outer layer according to the weather conditions. The mid-layer is generally worn for insulation and the outer layer is protection against the components inside.

Outer layer Of winter cycling gear

Your outer layer consists of Windproof and waterproof jackets, cycling jackets, etc. The outer layer needs to be of a breathable fabric.

Winter cycling jacket

Jackets are the key to your protection. Three things that need to be considered while buying a jacket are breathability of the fabric, windproof, and waterproof. You can find all three features of the jacket collection from this amazon page.

Winter Jacket For Women

Giordana Silverline Winter Jacket – Women

Giordana Silverline Winter Jacket

The Silverline will blow your mind with its warmth and lightweight design. The new cut does not overlook the aerodynamic fit for the user.

If you are looking for a jacket that works best in winter and late fall/spring weather, then Giordana Silverline is the best choice.

The jacket is lightweight and is tightly knitted to block the external wind. From the inside, the jacket is made with a nylon layer to keep the jacket low in weight.

The jacket is super breathable with its Thunderbike fabric and is water repellent. It also includes 3 pockets to hold your ride essentials.

It has a reflective tail and chest strip for high visibility in dark conditions

Winter Cycling Jacket For Men

ARSUXEO Winter  Cycling Jacket Windproof Waterproof

Arsuxseo winter cycling jacket

The jacket is designed with fabric that comprises three layers with keeping your body warm and comfortable in cold rides. The material and the feel of the jersey is soft and stretchy which offers the best fitness and maneuverability. 

The top layer on the outside acts as a windbreaker surface that prevents stains. The subsequent layer is a waterproof breathable film, and the third layer is a decent delicate warm fleece.

The jersey consists of a drop tail and elastic hem that protects and keeps you warm in winter. Longer Cuffs provide maximum temperature control. 

 This winter jacket has a reflective strip at the front and the rear side for visibility in dark conditions.

Winter Cycling Face Masks

Cold air is dry and can easily shift from your nose to your mouth and affect your breathing causing cough and asthma-like issues. To protect your face from this cold air, you need a face mask.

The face mask keeps your face warm and allows comfortable airflow. You can find the best collection of face masks from this amazon page.

XibeiTrade Unisex Neoprene Face Mask for Cycling

Neoprene face mask

This is a perfect half mask for chilly weather. The mask can be used comfortably while running, cycling, playing, or hiking.

The mask is designed with durable neoprene material and offers warmth to your mouth. The fleece material covers the neck area and can be easily washed.

This Neoprene Face Mask will prevent frostbite and will protect your face from the wind. There are ventilation holes present in the mask for easy breathing. The size fits all ages and can be used by both men and women. 

The mask is immune from dust, wind, and is easy to adjust from loose to tight.

Winter Cycling Gloves

To maintain the cold weather cycling bites, a good pair of gloves is essential while cycling. However, finding the right combination of warmth and dexterity can be challenging. Here we have listed our favorites both for men and women. You can find more collections on this amazon page.

Winter Cycling Gloves For Women

Scalda Pro Women’s Glove

Scalada Womens Gloves

The Castelli Scalda Pro Gloves are the best women’s fleece warmers. The gloves are designed for road and gravel rides although can be an ideal pair for mountain biking as well.

These gloves fit great and have high abilities. These gloves are the best for winter and can survive the winter weather without causing you any discomfort.

These gloves are waterproof and windproof. The reinforced thumb design increases the durability of the material and offers great warmth.

The reflective accents increase visibility in dark conditions.

Winter Gloves For men

Koxly Winter Gloves Waterproof Windproof

Koxly Winter Gloves For Men

The gloves are designed with soft and warm wool that provides warmth and good functionality while hiking or cold weather cycling. Four main fabrics are used so you have the best freedom of movement and can keep you warm and waterproof.

These gloves work best while snowboarding, cycling, running, and other outdoor sports in cold weather.

These Gloves have great elasticity and easily fits into every hand size. The fabric is breathable and ventilates to decrease sweat buildup. It is a great gift for your family, friends, and loved ones.

Winter Cycling Pants

Once your top is covered you need to look for your lower half. A thermal pair of bib tights work the best when you are really cold. On usual cold and rainy days you can add on some water and windproof tights or shell pants over your tights to protect from cold. You can check out the best winter cycling pants collection on this amazon page.

Winter Pants For Men

Elite Wxb Pant

Pearl Izumi Men's Elite Barrier WxB Pant

If you are looking for stretchable fabric with waterproof protection you should have a look at Elite Barrier WxB Pant. It has thermo-regulating technology with elasticized waistbands. 

It is a two-layer stretch fabric with Titanium thermo-regulating technology that provides outstanding waterproof-breathable protection. 

ELITE Barrier WxB is a three-layer stretch fabric with Titanium thermo-regulating technology that provides outstanding waterproof and breathable protection. Lower leg zippers are 9″ long. Adjustable waistband on the side 360 degree reflectivity on one side pocket ELITE Barrier WxB is a two-layer stretch fabric with Titanium thermo-regulating technology that provides outstanding waterproof-breathable protection.

 ELITE Barrier WxB is a three-layer stretch fabric with Titanium thermo-regulating technology that provides outstanding waterproof and breathable protection. Lower leg zippers are 9″ long. Adjustable waistband on the side 360 degree reflectivity on one side pocket

Winter pants for women

Baleaf Women’s 3d Padded Cycling Tights

Baleaf Winter Cycling pants for Women

These tights are designed to fit like a second skin, not too tight, but not too saggy. The fabric is made with a combination of 90% polyester and 10% breathable spandex.

The fabric is very comfortable on the skin so won’t get too hot or cold while cycling. The 3D pad on the rear of the pants offers great comfort for long rides and reduces the vibration.

The waistband is made of high quality and offers tummy control. The reflective elements on the pants offer high visibility while riding in low light. 

The zippers at the bottom of the pants allow easy slip in and off. 

Winter Cycling Shoe Cover

The cycling shoes are designed to offer your feet warmth and comfort during the cold rides. The winter shoes are highly insulated and packed to keep the cold and wet out. However, you don’t have to invest in shoes, you can use a pair of shoe covers to keep your feet warm. You can check the best overshoe covers from this rei page.

Winter Cycling Shoe Cover For Women

Castelli Diluvio

Castelli Diluvio

If you don’t want your feet to get caught up with road spray or rain then get Diluvio Shoe cover from Castelli.

These shoe covers are designed with neoprene. It can easily overcome the puddles and water sprays from soaking completely and will not jeopardize the comfort. 

The shoe cover is not only water-resistant but is also designed with seams and waterproof zip to keep the moisture and cold out. The material of the shoe cover is made from a cozy fleece to keep the warmth inside. 

You can also find a reflective ankle tab for visibility in dark situations along with a toe panel for more abrasion. 

Winter Cycling Shoe Cover For Men

Louis Garneau Wind Dry 2 Shoe Covers

Louis Garneau Wind Dry 2 Shoe Covers

Keeping your feet warm during cold rides is essential if you want to have fun. Louis Garneau Wind Dry 2 Shoe Covers are the best wind-stoppers that protect your feet from the cold weather.

The shoes have 2 different openings with textured neoprene and rubber for more durability. The zip is designed with a YKK zipper for smooth on and off of the cover. 

The reflective shoe colors offer high visibility while riding in low-light situations. The material is breathable and windproof to keep your feet warm in cool temperatures and provide the utmost comfort.

There are many different shoe cover sizes available according to your feet.

Winter Bike Hats

Most of our body’s heat leaves from the top. When we are about to ride in winter we keep on adding layers to keep ourselves warm. We buy winter tights, windproof jackets, gloves, socks, and even toe warmers. 

Now, add a good winter cap to your buying list. Winter caps help you stay warm from the top and will keep your away from freezing. You can now choose a great collection of caps from a competitive cyclist

Now, it’s possible to stay warm and look fashionable.

GORE WEAR Unisex Windproof Balaclava

GORE WEAR Unisex Windproof Balaclava

This headgear for winter is a great choice for outdoor activities. This headgear is designed with a breathable fabric and is windproof and water repellant. 

The GORE WEAR headgear is warm and windproof for athletic activities like hiking, cycling, running, etc. It is designed for all weather conditions and is suitable for all sports.

The fabric is stretchable and has flat-locked seams for the best freedom of movement when wearing. 

It has reflective elements for safety that help you ride in darker conditions. It is one size that fits all.

Windstopper Thermo Beanie

Windstopper Thermo Beanie

If you like to commute in chilly weather or like to have cold weather rides then this Gore Wear Windstopper Thermo Cycling Beanie will help you to protect your head and ears and will add great comfort and warmth to your body as you ride.This Windstopper beanie is a designed membrane that prevents the wind from entering and traps the moisture inside as your work for your sweat. The fabric is synthetic and wicks away the sweat and dries very quickly. The fabric is stretchable and extends to maximum comfort for long rides. This Gore beanie adds a slit on the ears and fits comfortably and more importantly, you can wear your glasses or sunglasses to maintain your vision.

Bike Lights For Winter

If you like to ride after sunset then bike lights are very important. Good quality lights become a part of your shopping list for bikes when the cold hits. Adding bike lights increases the visibility for other drivers at the night. Like every other accessory, a bike light is an essential part of your bike.

Bontrager Ion 200 RT/Flare RT Light Set

Bontrager Ion Bike Light

The bike light is important when you have to ride on winter days. This Bontrager Ion Flare RT is light and small. It is powerful and has long-lasting clarity for any path, road, or city.

The Ion 200 RT offers 200 lumens of clarity due to the high power LED bulbs.

The amazingly designed focus and flash provide great daytime visibility. The flash offers visibility from 2Km away. 

It is built with an integrated light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness according to your environment.

This light can be mounted to your handlebars, helmet, or on your bike easily. The light includes Ion 200 RT, Flare RT, fast connect mounts, and USB charger cable.

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Here you go! We have lined up the best winter cycling gear guide for you. These are some of the best products that you can consider for your winter gear kit.

When you are done with your ride make sure you keep your winter gears dry, clean, and stink-free. Keep your dress in good condition not only looks good but also breathes well and works the best.

We have gathered everything you need to start riding this winter. An appropriate dressing can make your day outside enjoyable and memorable.

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