Top Winter Biking Destinations in the United States

Cycling enthusiasts are often perceived as fair-weather riders, but winter brings a unique charm to the sport. The United States boasts a myriad of destinations that transform into winter wonderlands, offering cyclists breathtaking scenery, crisp air, and invigorating challenges. 

Top 10 Winter Biking Destinations in the USA

Let’s look into some of the top winter biking destinations across the USA.

Top Winter Biking Destinations In The USA

1. Bend, Oregon

Nestled in the heart of Oregon, Bend is a haven for winter sports enthusiasts, including cyclists. With its snow-capped peaks and dense evergreen forests, Bend offers a stunning backdrop for winter biking destinations

The Deschutes River Trail, in particular, provides a scenic route for riders, with the snow-covered landscape adding an extra layer of magic to the experience. Mountain bikers can explore the nearby Phil’s Trail Complex, where maintained trails provide a thrilling winter adventure.

Winter Biking Destinations

2. Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Lake Tahoe, straddling the border of California and Nevada, is a year-round outdoor playground. In winter, the surrounding mountains become a snowy utopia for cyclists. The South Shore offers a network of paved and gravel trails, while more adventurous riders can tackle the challenging climbs and descents around the lake. Fat biking has gained popularity here, thanks to the snowy terrain, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a unique winter biking destinations experience.

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3. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis might not be an obvious choice for your winter biking destinations, but the city has embraced its cold climate with a network of winter-ready bike paths. The Grand Rounds Scenic Byway, encircling the city, provides a picturesque route for cyclists, and many trails are plowed regularly, allowing for a smooth ride even after snowfall. The Minneapolis Bike Tour, held in winter, attracts cyclists from all over the country, showcasing the city’s commitment to year-round biking.

Winter Biking Destinations

4. Asheville, North Carolina

Known for its stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville transforms into a winter wonderland, offering cyclists a unique experience. The Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic highway winding through the mountains, is a popular route for winter biking destinations. While the higher elevations might be covered in snow, lower sections of the parkway often remain accessible, providing cyclists with breathtaking views of snow-dusted landscapes.

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5. Anchorage, Alaska

For the ultimate winter cycling adventure, head to Anchorage, Alaska. Despite its frigid temperatures, Anchorage boasts a dedicated cycling community that embraces the snowy season. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, with its stunning views of the Cook Inlet and the Chugach Mountains, is a favorite among winter cyclists. Fat biking is a common sight here, allowing riders to traverse snowy trails and frozen landscapes.

Anchorage, Alaska -  Crested Butte

6. Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte, often referred to as the “Last Great Colorado Ski Town,” offers more than just skiing in winter. The town’s extensive trail system becomes a haven for cyclists, with fat biking gaining popularity on its snow-covered paths. The Lower Loop and Upper Loop trails provide a diverse range of experiences, from gentle rides through snow-laden meadows to challenging climbs with rewarding vistas.

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7. Cuyuna Lakes, Minnesota

Minnesota’s Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area is not just for summer mountain biking. In winter, the Iron Range transforms into a snowy landscape, and the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails become a thrilling playground for fat biking enthusiasts. The system’s well-maintained trails wind through forests and around frozen lakes, providing a serene and snowy backdrop for winter cycling.

Winter Biking Destinations

8. Moab, Utah

Known for its iconic red rock landscapes, Moab is a mountain biking paradise year-round. In winter, the fiery hues of the rocks contrast beautifully with the white snow, creating a surreal environment for cyclists. The Klondike Bluff Trails and Dead Horse Point State Park offer winter riders a unique combination of challenging terrain and breathtaking desert scenery, making Moab a must-visit destination for adventurous cyclists.

9. Saratoga Springs, New York

Saratoga Spa State Park in upstate New York transforms into a winter wonderland, and its well-maintained roads and trails are a delight for cyclists. The park offers a mix of paved and gravel paths, allowing riders to explore the snowy landscapes around the iconic Saratoga Performing Arts Center and the historic Roosevelt Baths and Spa. Saratoga Springs embraces winter biking destinations with events like the Saratoga Fat Bike Rally, attracting cyclists from near and far.

Winter Biking Destinations

10. Flagstaff, Arizona

While Flagstaff is often associated with summer hiking and mountain biking, winter brings a unique charm to this high desert region. Fat biking enthusiasts can explore the Arizona Nordic Village, where groomed trails wind through the ponderosa pine forest. The views of the San Francisco Peaks covered in snow provide a stunning backdrop for winter biking destinations at higher altitudes.


In the United States, winter unveils enchanting cycling havens. From the snowy peaks of Bend, Oregon, to Minneapolis’ groomed paths, and the desert trails of Flagstaff, each winter biking destination offers a unique thrill. Whether navigating Lake Tahoe’s snowy utopia or embracing Saratoga Springs’ winter wonderland, cyclists find exhilarating adventures year-round.

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