Scott Foil 10 Road Bike Review

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Scott Foil 10


Design, lightweight, lots of options


Handlebar grips, price


The bike has a noticeable amount of durability that goes along with its smoother ride, so you know it’s built to last.

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The Scott Foil 10 recently underwent a total redesign. The result was an aerodynamic, comfortable road bike. In conjunction with the Foil 10 road racing bike, the company also released the Foil 10 Disc bike, designed for endurance riders.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE:  38.3 inches to 39.8 inches
BRAKE TYPE: Shimano Ultegra BR-R8010/R8010 Rear brakes with Super SLR Dual pivot
SHIFTER: 22 Speed Shimano Ultegra ST-R8050 Shifter/ Shimano Ultegra ST-R8070 Shifter
RIMS: Syncros RR2.0 Wheelset
TIRES: Continental Grand Sport Race Fold Tires 700 x 25C

Scott’s new Foil 10 looks and functions much more like an aero bike than previous models. Scott has indicated that the new Foil 10 features

  • An 89% Vertical Compliance Increase
  • A 13% Lateral Stiffness Increase at the Bottom Bracket
  • A 13.5% Increase in Head Tube Stiffness
  • A 6% Fork Increase

Scott invested in the bike’s new design and worked to optimize different parts of the bike both independently and as a system. The head tube, fork, seat tube, seat post, and seat-stays all underwent a transformation.

Frame Size

The Foil 10 features a head tube with low yaw angles, designed to give riders enhanced aerodynamic properties. The leading edge of the frame has also been enhanced with additional carbon layers to improve aerodynamics.

Scott Foil 10 Seat Review
Scott Foil 10 Handlebar

Both the Foil 10 and Foil 10 Disc’s frame is made of HMF/IMP, F01 AERO Carbon tech. It features an STD Seat tube/INT BB and replaceable dropouts. The bike’s fork features a 1 1/4” – 1 1/2” carbon steerer and an integrated carbon dropout rear.

The Foil 10 weights slightly more than 16.5 pounds, while the Foil 10 Disc weighs approximately 18.2 pounds. The wheelbase of both bikes ranges from 38.3 inches to 39.8 inches.

Brake Type

Braking performance is one of the features Scott touts most in its Foil 10 design. Scott has placed just as much emphasis on braking performance as it has increased power output and aerodynamics. Both the Foil 10 and the Foil 10 Disc allow for pinpoint braking accuracy so that riders can maintain top speeds as long possible, no matter the condition.

The Foil 10 features Shimano Ultegra BR-R8010/R8010 Rear brakes, in addition to a Super SLR Dual pivot, direct mount braking system. The Foil 10 Disc features a Shimano BR-R8070 Ultegra ST-R8070 brake system, with a 160/F and 160/Rmm SM-RT800 CL Rotor.


Both the Foil 10 and Foil 10 Disc feature a 22-speed electronic shift. The Foil 10 features a Shimano Ultegra ST-R8050 shifter system, while the Foil 10 Disc utilizes a Shimano Ultegra ST-R8070. Shimano’s Ultegra line is geared toward competitive athletes and enthusiastic riders. The Ultegra is indented to be adaptable so that riders can adjust the chain SRAM force cassettes, and rear derailleur SRAM Force etap cage size.

Scott Foil 10 Rear Shifter
Scott Foil 10 Front Shifter


The Foil 10 carries a Syncros RR2.0 wheelset, measuring 18 Front and 24 Rear. The Foil 10 Disc features a Syncros RR2.0 Disc wheelset, measuring 28 Front and 28 Rear. It also features a Syncros Rear-Wheel System.


The Foil 10 features Continental Grand Sport Race Fold tires, measuring 700 x 25C. The Foil 10 Disc features the same model tires, measuring 700 x 28C. 

Price Range

This bike is a pricier road bike option, costing approximately $$$$. Although they can be found on various bike websites across the internet, Scott recommends contacting a dealer for their Foil 10 models. Your local Scott dealer may have a price better than those available on the internet.

What We Like

We’re big fans of the comfort that the Foil 10 provides. Mat Hayman won the Paris-Roubaix while riding a Foil 10. The Paris-Roubaix is full of cobblestone roads, and the Foil 10 stood up to every challenge. The Foil 10 Disc, designed for endurance, is arguably more comfortable than its original counterpart.

Another unique feature of the Scott Foil 10 is the Syncros Aero RR1.0 Cockpit. The cockpit is fully integrated into the bike and features a Shimano Di2 junction box. It allows Garmin head units at the forefront of the cockpit so that riders have access to live data. Scott sought to design a functional cockpit without sacrificing functionality, which is why the carbon cockpit weights a mere 395g.


  • The direct mount shift brake system crankset is effective and smooth
  • The added emphasis Scott placed on comfort when redesigning the bike
  • The noticeable aerodynamic improvements, which can be felt when riding

What We Don’t Like

For as comfortable as the Foil 10 is, it still lacks on the front end. The front end was actually stiffened by Scott in the redesign. The bike’s front end could take some getting used to for riders. Users have indicated that because of this, the ride is unbalanced.

In making improvements to the bike’s aerodynamics, Scott lost much of the character that was seen in previous Foil models.


  • A stiff front end, coupled with an alloy bar and stem, is unforgiving
  • What the Foil 10 gained in functionality, it lost in character
  • Pedals are stiff and don’t allow for easy transitioning

Buying Advice

Since the first Foil model was introduced in 2010, the bike has seen 153 World Tour wins, 32 Grand Tour stage wins, and four Monument wins. Scott markets the bike to competitors who are constantly seeking to win. Whether you ride casually on the weekend with a group or compete competitively, the Foil 10 is great for those looking for a leg up over the competition.

Scott made noticeable improvements to the bike’s specs, which actually make it more ideal for the casual racer or endurance rider. Scott has designed the Foil 10 to be used by a wider variety of riders. The control provided by the bike’s braking system is ideal for casual riders.  


If you ride fairly consistently and are looking to upgrade your equipment, the Foil 10 could be a perfect choice. It’s lightweight, aerodynamic, and comfortable. For the casual rider who enjoys long, grueling bike rides on the weekends this bike could be a great compromise before functionality and affordability. The Foil has seen proven results over the years, and the Foil 10 and Foil 10 Disc don’t deviate from that path. Contact a Scott dealer today to test a Foil 10.


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