Giordano Libero 1.6 (Women’s) Road Bike Review

Giordano Libero 1.6 Womens Road Bike


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If you want a solid and versatile bike without having to spend too much, the Libero 1.6 should be your top choice.

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For many women, a unisex or men’s bike just won’t cut it when it comes to a better fit and feel.

The Giordano Libero 1.6 is one of the best men’s cycles you can buy for under $500, and the same goes for the women’s version. You get the same high level of frame and components, only with a reconfigured sizing that is better for smaller body types.

The Libero 1.6 is priced like an entry-level bike, but provides so much more.

It builds off of an impressive and relatively light frame, including several components that are found on road bikes in much higher price ranges.

The result is a very capable and versatile road bike that ensures a noticeably smooth and efficient overall feel, a tribute to its engineering and big picture approach in terms of its parts and design.

This makes it one of the best values available, a big reason as to why the Libero 1.6 is so popular among both men and women.







16-speed Shimano Claris


Vitesse Alloy 700c x 25c


Kenda 700c x 25c

The Libero 1.6 retains all of the same core aspects of the highly successful men’s version, and repackages it with a smaller frame size and shorter stem.

This allows the bike to offer the same level of performance as the men’s model, only with a more appropriate size that is more accommodating to shorter legs and arms.

While the Libero 1.6 has a very low price, it is one step up from an entry-level bike, and offers a riding experience that feels even better. Giordano wisely aimed to make a mid-range bike for an affordable price, using a total package approach instead of intensely focusing on just a few aspects.

This starts with the bike’s frame. Forged from aluminum, the Libero 1.6’s frame offers firm stability and optimal pedal power efficiency, giving you greater control over the bike as a whole.

When fully equipped, the Libero 1.6 comes in at just under 25 lbs, which is a good weight for this price range.

The drivetrain of the Libero 1.6 is anchored by a Prowheel crank, and backed up by Shimano STI parts that include the cassette, front and rear derailleurs, and the integrated shifters as well.

The shifting action on the Libero 1.6 is very quick, and doesn’t require a lot of effort with the shifters.

The 16 total speeds are all ratioed properly, providing plenty of options during any section of your ride.

Giordano Libero 1.6 (Women’s) Road Bike chainrings

The Libero 1.6’s wheelset is very impressive for its range. The included Vitesse alloy rims are reinforced with 32 spokes, providing lots of support and stability to prevent unwanted bending from weight and impact.

Kenda 700c x 25c tires are included as well, and are adequate in offering solid traction and grip. The 25c width gives the rider an added measure of stability.

The seating setup of the Libero 1.6 is surprisingly high-quality, which isn’t all that common with bikes in this price range. The included Velo brand saddle has an extra amount of adjustability, and offers good cushioning that can make longer rides more enjoyable.

Giordano Libero 1.6 (Women’s) Road Bike handlebars

The Libero 1.6’s metal-spiked pedals are a good step up from the cheaper plastic pedals you’ll find on similar road bikes. The frame also includes two water bottle mounts if you want to fit any cages to them, which most will do.

This bike is certainly not high-end road bike, but it’s no slouch either.

The Libero 1.6 gives you about as much as you can get for the money, resulting in a respectable women’s road bike with few flaws.

It is great for recreational riders who are looking to get a little more serious with their road biking.


The actual price of the Libero 1.6 is perhaps its biggest selling point. You are truly getting some a lot of bike for the money, ranging from an attractive and high-performing frame, to the better-than-expected wheelset that offers both added durability and better response overall.

The 16 total speeds is a big advantage as well. The side range of speeds provides for more room to truly lock in ideal pedaling speeds when cruising, or when you need a quick burst of power when climbing up hills.

And, just to mention it again, the saddle is definitely one you can hang on to for awhile without feeling the need to instantly upgrade to something more comfy.


The Libero 1.6 may be a great bike for the money, but it’s not without its flaws. 

The biggest complaint is the brakes. The levers themselves aren’t a problem, and neither is the dual-pivot system, but the brake pads are pretty abysmal. They require way too much effort for a complete stop at fast speeds, and feel a bit hard.

The tubes for the bike aren’t all that great either. They can easily pinch when getting the tires set up, and are prone to bursting if even slightly overinflated.

Giordano Libero 1.6 (Women’s) Road Bike red/white side

Buying Advice

Based off of the information above, you should probably order new brake pads with the bike, and immediately install them in place of the stock pads.

The same can be said for the tubes as well. Go ahead and order some better ones so you can place them in the tires instead, and instantly get a better ride with more tube durability.


The Libero 1.6 falls somewhere in between an entry-level and intermediate road bike. You get a decent frame, solid components for the most part, and a very good overall ride, along with the option to provide some key upgrades over time to make the bike even better.

Even without upgrades, the Libero 1.6 is perfectly fine right out of the box, and provides any woman with a very capable road bike that can easily handle everything from commuting to fitness use.

It’s a great starter bike, but can also be so much more. If you want a solid and versatile bike without having to spend too much, the Libero 1.6 should be your top choice.

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