Diamondback 2016 Haanjo Metro Review

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Haanjo Metro Complete Commuter Bike



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If you are looking for a road bike that is more suitable for travel and casual recreational use, this bike is an excellent choice.

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Using a road bike for commuting and general transportation is certainly not a new concept.

Road bikes are preferred over other style of bikes because of their faster speeds, better pedaling efficiency, and lighter weight.

While road bikes are better for general transportation, they also have some pitfalls. The skinny tire style doesn’t offer the best control, and the positioning of the average road bike is not geared for comfort.

Commuter road bikes offer a better alternative, as they retain all of the best aspects of a standard road bike, but integrate some strategic features and designs that make them much more ideal for city riding and transportation.

The Diamondback Haanjo Metro is a great example of a true commuter road bike, blending together efficiency, control, speed, and durability into one truly road-ready bike that can easily conquer city streets, sidewalks and anything you else you may encounter.







9-speed Shimano Acera


DB Equation 700c x 22c


Schwalbe Citizen w/ Kevlar Guard 700c x 37c


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The Diamondback Haanjo Metro has a surprising price point when considering all that it offers.

It gives you a very specific riding style, while including a light frame and very good components. Toss in some inconvenient upgrade capabilities for both parts and accessories, and you have yourself a very versatile commuter road bike that is very fun to ride.

Let’s first go over the things you’ll notice that are different from the average road bike. There are no drop-down handlebars that encourage a forward-leaning position. The Diamondback Haanjo Metro instead offers a flat handlebar that slightly angles back, more similar to a mountain bike or hybrid.

The Diamondback Haanjo Metro also has a longer wheelbase, and utilizes trigger shifters. The tires are noticeably thicker as well, and include a light tread pattern for better traction in wet conditions. The saddle is wider, and the riding stance is much more upright when compared to a true road bike.

Onto the bike itself. The Diamondback Haanjo Metro uses a butted aluminum frame, which weighs 25 lbs when fully equipped. The bike uses a steel fork instead of aluminium, giving it more stability, and also a better ability to absorb vibrations.

Both of the bike’s derailleurs are Shimano Acera, as are the gear shifters.

The bike offers a very minimalistic and efficient 9 speeds, which is precisely what you need for commuter riding.

Shifting is very prompt and effortless, allowing you to quickly cycle back and forth between gears as needed.

The Diamondback Haanjo Metro’s brakes are one of its major features.

Diamondback 2016 Haanjo Metro shifter

Instead of the usual dual-pivot found on many road bikes, you get Tektro disc brakes, which are much better for stopping in a variety of weather and road conditions. The brakes are hydraulic, and require minimal effort when coming to a complete stop.

The bike’s wheelset includes double-walled DB Equation rims, which are designed to withstand bumps and weight much more than standard road bike rims.

Included with these are Schwalbe Citizen tires with Kevlar Guard, in a 700c x 37c size for better traction and stability. The tires also include a reflective strip for better safety and visibility.

The seating setup consists of a DB X-Durance alloy seatpost, which supports the DB Eldorado saddle. This saddle is much more padded than a standard road bike set, and also has a wider coverage area.

There are also some small upgrade capabilities with the Haanjo Metro. Mud guard mounts are included on both front and back, along with a rear luggage rack mount in case you need to haul around some of your belongings.

All of these features and components of this come together to create a great commuter bike that can be kept minimal, or accommodate added upgrades to better suit your riding needs.

The Haanjo Metro’s core components are very precise, and give the rider a great deal of control and comfort during a ride, which is everything you want with a commuter bike.

Diamondback 2016 Haanjo Metro front chainring
Diamondback 2016 Haanjo Metro saddle


The first thing about the Haanjo Metro that draws attention is its low price. For under $$$, you can purchase an ideal commuter bike that is not only fun to ride, but also incredibly durable.

At under 25 lbs, the bike is very light for being a commuter bike, and gives off a very high-end feel.

The disc brakes are easily one of the biggest advantages with the Haanjo Metro.

Not only do the Tektro disc brakes give you more control over you stopping, they are unaffected by rain, mud, sleet, and whatever else may otherwise mess up your ride. Disc brakes on a road bike this affordable are not all that common.

Another aspect we appreciated is the bike’s ability to take on mud guards and a luggage rack. This may seem like a minor feature, but these are essential for true commuter bikes.


If we could change one thing on the Haanjo Metro, it would be to have an extra crank wheel to double the amount of available gears.

If you’re used to having more gears on a standard road bike, the 9 gears on the Haanjo Metro may seem inadequate, especially at first. This is only a minor complaint, however.

Riding Diamondback 2016 Haanjo Metro

Buying Advice

If you are going to be using the Haanjo Metro for actual commuting and travel, we recommend getting compatible mud guards and a luggage rack to go with it.

A professional tune up will be required after receiving the bike as well, so make sure you have money set aside to visit your local bike shop with.


It’s hard to think of a better commuter road bike for the money.

The Haanjo Metro has been meticulously thought out, and boasts a great design, lightweight frame, and the right components to back everything up. It truly makes city riding much easier, and much more enjoyable.

If you are looking for a road bike that is more suitable for travel and casual recreational use, the Haanjo Metro is an excellent choice.

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  1. I bought a HaanJenn Metro for my fiancée and converted it to 1×11 for her using a SunRace 11-46 cassette..

    Anne is quite happy because she now has hill-climbing gears, and still has only one shifter to deal with.

    I still haven’t figured out why the bicycle manufacturers haven’t released more 1×11 bikes using these relatively inexpensive 11-46 cassettes..

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