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It may be considered an entry-level bike in many ways, but it’s set up to be much more than that, and with a few upgrades, could eventually be a formidable trail bike for years to come.

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More often than not, buying a budget women’s bicycle is going to leave you with a bike that really can’t handle anything other than a casual stroll around the neighborhood, especially if it’s a mountain bike.

The Diamondback Women’s Laurito aims to change that, providing riders with a number of quality components, and a frame design that helps make it a true trail-ready mountain bike that won’t fall flat the second you start down your path.

It provides an added sense of versatility that makes it suitable for everything from light singletrack trail riding, to casual cross country and even urban riding as well.

The Laurito is an entry-level mountain bike in just about every way, but its strategic design and combination of gear and components makes it a bike that both beginners and intermediate riders can appreciate for years to come.



Aluminum frame


Linear pull brakes




32h Diamondback XC260 27.5"


Chaoyang Hornet 27.5x2.1


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The Laurito may be an entry-level mountain bike, but it doesn’t perform like one. A sturdy and responsive frame, quick shifting and braking, and a noticeably smooth maneuverability make it great for those who are new to trail riding, or anyone looking to take a step up from a mountain bike they may have purchased from a big box retailer.

The frame of the Laurito is made from DB 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum alloy, and has a drop down, step over design that may be more appealing to women who don’t like the design of men’s bikes. The frame has just a slight amount of flex when encountering hard impacts, and maintains a relatively low weight as well.

The Laurito’s fork is made by Suntour. The fork offers an adequate amount of travel that lets the bike handle obstacles and other impacts on the trail.

While also helping absorb vibrations during flatter portions of the ride when your speed may be higher.

The 75mm of travel isn’t a lot when compared to some more expensive models, but the lower shock travel comes in handy when riding along flatter portions where long travel forks may steal away some of your overall pedaling efficiency.

The bike’s aluminum seatpost provides support to a very well-designed saddle that is more in tuned for a woman’s anatomy. 

21 Speed Shifter in Diamondback Laurito

The saddle has a wider shape, and offers some extra cushioning that adds a bit of extra comfort when you’re able to spend some time on the seat while pedaling.

The Laurito’s shifting components come courtesy of Shimano. The shifter is a EF-51 7 speed, which controls a Shimano Tourney front derailleur, and Altus rear derailleur.

The Chaoyang 27.5-inch tires are a good match for this bike’s geometry and intended uses. The tread design is made to give the bike some added traction on dirt and rocks, but without being overly knobby to the point where they are slow and awkward on smoother surfaces.

The Laurito’s Diamondback alloy linear brakes give the bike a good amount of stopping power, and they are easy to control from the handlebars with just a small squeeze of the hand. The linear brake also avoid the added maintenance of using disc brakes, which may be appealing to some.

Front View of Diamondback Laurito Womens Mountain Bike

What We Like

The Laurito’s strength lies in its balance and overall versatility provided to the rider. The frame’s design is conducive for several styles and intensities of riding, while providing strength and stability for steering and balance as well.

The front suspension is good for different riding styles too, and gives just enough travel and shock absorption to help soften the blow during intense moments during a trail ride, but not at the expense of pedal power and handling.

We are glad that Diamondback went with the 27.5-inch size on the tires too. This is a nice in between size, and gives the rider the advantages that come with using anything above 26 inches. You may sacrifice some maneuverability, but you get better stability and an increase in speed as well.

What We Don’t Like

This isn’t really a deal-breaker, but it would be nice if the bike had some extra speeds. While it does come with 21 speeds, getting 24 or even 30 would be much more ideal, as many will be using the bike for a variety of terrains and uses.

Having some extra gear choices helps in certain situations, such as riding in the wind on a college campus, or making your way up a particularly steep climb during a trail.

Laurito Womens Diamondback

Buying Advice

As with every other bike ordered online, you’ll need to assemble as least some of it after the bike arrives in the mail. If you don't have any experience putting bikes together, you may want to save some money to bring it to a professional bike shop that can finish the assembly, and the fine tune the brakes and gears to be in top form.


The Diamondback Laurito offers a lot for its relatively low price. It may be considered an entry-level bike in many ways, but it’s set up to be much more than that, and with a few upgrades, could eventually be a formidable trail bike for years to come.

Even if not, the Laurito's combination of components and a great frame design makes it an excellent choice for both beginners, and those who need a bit more out of a mountain bike and have outgrown their initial bike they started out on.

For under $$$, you get a durable, capable women’s mountain bike that is fully equipped to handle the rigors of a trail, or a casual ride through the neighborhood. This is easily our favorite women’s mountain bike in this price range, and strongly recommend it.

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