Cannondale SuperX 105 Review

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Cannondale SUPERX 2017 Womans Force Review

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Superior handling, appealing tires, lightweight, stable at high speeds


Handlebar grips, price


The Cannondale SuperX 105 has an amazing geometry that provides rock solid stability. It just might be the best cyclocross bike on the market right now.

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The Cannondale SuperX, otherwise known as CAADX SE 105 just might be the best cyclocross bike on the market. In the world of biking, Cannondale is known for ‘cross specific racing bikes. In our reviews, we don’t come across higher quality bikes. There is not a better bike out there if you are a mixed-terrain racer that is ready to for maximum comfort during your competitions.

Racers know with just one look at this Cannondale SuperX 105 there is a different geometry to it. Cannondale SuperX 105 uses new geometry which first became standard in mountain biking. The new perspective should decrease trail compared to the amount you would see in comparable 2019 models. For a racer and reviewer, this means getting the results you want.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: 48 to 58 cm
BRAKE TYPE: SRAM Force Hydro Disc Brakes
RIMS: Tubeless-Ready Rims
TIRES: WTB Riddler 37 mm, tubeless ready

The company built the Cannondale SuperX SE 105 with Tim Johnson since 2014. He is one of the best riders in the world and tried out a range of prototypes Cannondale and Johnson settled on this completed 2017 model.

For a non-expert that still loves competition, you’ll notice Tim Johnson’s efforts with your Cannondale’s improved stability on every type of course. As courses get more modern and technical, you need a bike to keep you on track without doing an unexpected wheelie.

Frame Size

The new SuperX frame weighs less than 1000 grams because Cannondale reduced excess grams in every area of the bike. For example, the full carbon disc fork on the bike weighs just 390 grams which are 200 grams less than other options on the market.

Cannondale made an effort to put the smallest frame on the market with its SuperX, BallisTex Carbon frame.

Brake Type

Cannondale’s SuperX comes with SRAM Force Hydro Disc brakes. The brakes on this cycle come with a convenient touch control for better braking at the lightest touch. The system is optimized for stopping power and modulation with cyclocross.

Cannondale SUPERX 2017 Force Review

Some riders have a specific brake preference but if you aren’t one that always replaced brakes, this is a solid brand for your best rides.


Also from SRAM, the shifter with this bike works well with the SRAM drivetrain with the Cannondale bike. There are custom options if you want a 1x or a 2x drivetrain, especially depending on your favorite course type.


Enjoy tubeless-ready rims (although the tires with this product are not tubeless unless you customize). The CX 1.0, 19mm rims on this Cannondale are lightweight enough that they stabilize but don’t add much weight to the frame.


Equipped with Schwalbe X-One 33c tires, there is not a better tire for cyclo-cross riders. The Schwalbe X-One is one of the fastest cross-tires ever because it is made with a OneStar rubber compound.

Cannondale SuperX Force 1 Bicycles

The tires should work well on everything from muddy pits to dusty piles of dirt. No matter the season, descent, terrain, and challenging, these tires keep you stable on the course.

Price Range

The SuperX goes up with a base MSRP of $2000. High-end updates are available if you have any specific racing needs, although customization adds to the MSRP. It is typical with major revamps to include a considerable price bump and this bike is no exception.

What We Like

Do you know the difference between getting in an expensive sports car and a generic rental? When you ride the SuperX, you experience the sports car of bikes. You cannot be impartial when riding a bike like this.

There is no better product for cyclo-cross riders. This bike is so stable, it barely bounces back on your biggest hits.  

It is important to mention that the interchangeable cable guides in the head tube of the frame support every cable configuration for races.


  • Superior handling and versatility for all-terrain courses
  • Does well for the serious amateur or professional
  • Appealing tires do well with gravel riding
  • Lightweight bike weighs ten pounds
  • Useful for use on terrain year-round
  • Rear-wheel braking allows for you to get better traction on the track
  • More stable when you are operating at higher speeds
  • Rides well when speeding downhill

What We Don’t Like

As with any test and product review, there are going to be a few small issues with the SuperX. As with many cyclocross bikes, frames are made for more compact riders.

It is dangerous enough riders with larger feet may need to invest in new pedals.


  • People with large feet might have trouble with the pedals
  • Tubeless tires do not come with the bike
  • Seat post needs readjustment
  • There is a significant price increase between this year’s model and the last update
  • On steep run-ups, you could flip easily

Buying Advice

Available in size sizes and two standard color options, the Super X is customizable if you want to upgrade it. For racers that want to stand out, we always recommend this with a Cannondale.

There is not a better bike on the market when it comes to a lightweight, agile, and durable option for cyclo-cross riders.

When purchasing a bike of this type and investment cost, visit a Cannondale location or order by following their measurement chart. Cannondale actually promises improved traction if you are properly fitted to a bike.

Additionally, If you need more sturdy bike for rough terrains such as gravel, then you can also check out Cannondale Topstone al 105 review. It is a smooth ride in roughest roads. You can easily take on the steepest inclines and get a beautiful breeze through the trails.


Obvisiouly, a bike at this price point need to deliver on its promises. The ‘king of cyclo-cross’ actually is Cannondale’s SuperX 105. This model comes in 46, 51, 54, 56, 58, and 61-centimeter sizes and can be customized according to your standards for the pickiest of riders.

When you are on a cyclocross course, you can’t go wrong with a Cannondale but this one is their top of the line offering. The bike is ultra-light, super stable, and really delivers.

 Buy this bike when cyclocross is your chosen field and you’ll be happy with the performance.


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