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Cannondale 700 M Quick CX 3 Review


Between $600 and $1,300 - Available on


Light frame, kickstand included, suspension


​Limited gear options


​The Cannondale Quick is a fast commuter bike that doesn't have a problem with off road trecks, with a great frame it provides stability and comfort on your daily commute.

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The Cannondale Quick bike line includes over seven different models.

The Quick series offers a combination of affordability, high speed commuting, and great steering. The Quick is not without its limits, but the result is a bike that is a smooth hybrid commuter.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: 49.7'' x 25.7'' x 50.9''
BRAKE TYPE: Tektro M-285 Hydraulic Discs or Cannondale V-Brakes Cartridge Pads
SHIFTER: Shimano ST-EF65 or Shimano E-Z Fire Plus Gear Shifters
RIMS: Maddux DC3.0 Disc Rims Or Cannondale C4 With A Double Wall
TIRES: Schwalbe Spicer 700x35c Or 700x30c
PRICE RANGE: $600 to $1,300

Cannondale Quick bikes offer an incredibly smooth biking experience that doesn't sacrifice stability. Reflective accents on the frame and tires guarantee safe riding in the city during the day or night. Reflective sidewalls are even included in Models 1 through 6 making it almost impossible to not be seen on the road.

The flattened and angled design for the suspension ensure the best shock absorption. The bike head's angle guarantees comfortable long rides without compromising control.

Speed and lack of excess weight are also critical components to the Quick line. The bikes have integrated kickstands that make the bikes lighter. The build of the SL Quick bikes also frees up to 200 grams of weight.

Frame Size

Quick models 1 through 3 feature the New Quick SL Disc, Optimized 6061 Alloy with a new Quick Si Disc fork.

Cannondale Quick frames for models 5 and 8 are built with New Quick, Butted 6061 Alloy. New Quick, SmartForm C3 Alloy composes the frame of the Quick 7. All frame head tubes measure out to 1-1/8 inches.

Cannondale Quick Carbon
cannondale quick cx-1


The Quick Disc models feature the Tektro M-285 Hydraulic Discs. The other models in the Quick series feature Cannondale V-Brakes cartridge pads. The cartridge pads offer resistant to bending or flexing, offering better stopping power.


The Quick Bike series offers two types of shifters, both made by the Shimano brand. The basic models include Shimano ST-EF65, and Shimano E-Z Fire Plus gear shifters. The convenience of the E-Z Fire Shifter comes from the simplified gear shift system. You can manipulate the gear easily with a single finger.

The shift offers up to 27 speed options, increasing your adaptability to different environments.

The Quick Disc models come equipped with Shimano Sora gear shifter. The lever system works as well as higher-end competitors but offered at a lower cost. The Quick Disc models provide up to nine bike speeds. While it provides fewer options than other bikes, it's still more than enough for most riders.


The Quick bikes feature Maddux DC3.0 Disc rims with double wall and 32-hole. They also feature Cannondale C4 with a double wall, 32 hole on the Quick 4 through 7. The Maddux wheelset

Cannondale Quick Speed


The Quick Series use three different brands of Tires. The Quick 5 Disc and the Quick 6 feature Schwalbe Spicer tires. They measure up to 700x35c.

The puncture protection makes for a reflective sidewalls. The Quick 1 Disc through Quick 4 offer Schwalbe Spicer with a wheel size of 700x30c. The wheel tread makes for a swift and comfortable ride through the city.

The sidewalls along with the other reflective elements increase the safety of riding.

Quick 7 and eight feature the Kenda K192, 700 x 35c and Duro 7044, 700 x 35c wheels.

Price Range

Potential buyers can always check the Cannondale website.

The site tells the prices of any of the Quick bike models and the locations of nearby dealers. Although prices are subject to change from store to store, The Online price listings are as such:

  • ​Quick 1 Disc= $1,300
  • ​Quick 3 Disc= $870
  • ​Quick 4= $710
  • Quick 5 Disc= $650
  • Quick 6= $600
  • Quick 7= $520
  • Quick 8= $440

​Cannondale does not sell their bikes directly online but through third-party local dealers.

What We Like

The bike offers a bit of versatility that we like. The Quick bike can operate off the road, and handle the city streets as well. It's a solid tool for exercise. 

The reflective accents and reflective sidewalls on models 1 through 6 ensure safety while biking on the road. The bike offers a lightweight frame along with tight suspension.


  • ​Lightweight frame and integrated kickstand
  • ​Reflective elements increase safety
  • ​Build and suspension ensure security and control with sacrificing speed or comfort.

​What We Don’t Like

As far as bikes go, There aren't that many negatives about owning any models from this line. Some of the models only offer nine speeds, which is nowhere near as many as other competitors. 

The manufacturers placed versatility and stability over outright speed.


  • ​Not for people who want a faster bike
  • ​Limited options on the gear shift

​Buyer’s Advice

For people seeking a well-rounded bike that is durable, any bike under the Cannondale Quick name is worth looking at. The 7 and 8 models are incredibly affordable, and look great.

The Cannondale Quick is just flat out pretty. Plenty of sites noted getting compliments because of how cool the bike looks. Most of the bikes come regular black or dark colors. The Quick 4, 6, and the Quick 7 come in grey, bright green and orange as well. Of course performance matters more, but it is always good to have options.

The bikes offer users durability and speed. The lightweight aluminum frame guarantee speed and quick momentum. The carbon blade fork suspension, and 11 speed rear derailleur ensure quick handling. This allows you dart in and out of traffic on your commute through the city.


The Cannondale Quick offers riders an excellent buying choice for an affordable bike for high speed commuting. It is a versatile tool that can comfortably handle smooth city streets and some hilly areas.

Plain and simple, this bike is made mainly for urban transportation. The bike handles well and offers nimble responses, especially while navigating traffic. The Cannondale Quick bike series would be an excellent choice for any casual rider who needs to upgrade their commute.

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