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A good hybrid bike gives you the best of both worlds -- they’re able to give you the comfort you need for long rides on the paved roads, and the stability you need to maintain quick speeds when you take the bike offroad.

They combine the best characteristics from road bikes and mountain bikes to come together in the center of the market and are considered a good general-purpose bike.

If your riding conditions constantly change and evolve, or your riding style varies from ride to ride each time you leave the house, a hybrid bike could be perfect for you.

The standard hybrid bike typically has straight, flat handlebars, with the same upright seating position you will find on mountain bikes. This seating position is known for being intuitive and comfortable.

Hybrid bikes are also lighter weight than mountain bikes, with thinner, lighter wheels. They share the smooth tires that road bikes use which allow for greater speeds on the pavement, with acceptable stability on the trail.

Many hybrid bikes also feature racks and bags that allow you to transport gear, much like their touring bike cousins. Quite a few different sub-categories have been spawned off of hybrid bikes because of their diverse platform.

These are perfect for city and cross country riders, as well as commuters looking for a comfortable ride around their city or town.

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