Himiway Electric Cruiser Bike Review – 2023

Himiway Electric Cruiser Bike

To illuminate the already glowing dreams and experiences of over 2000 e-bike enthusiasts, Himiway designed the perfect e-bike that powers you and makes you fearless on any terrain. 

And if we have to discuss their e-bikes, why not talk about the Himway electric cruiser bike, which is trending right now. After all, who wouldn’t want an all-terrain pedal-assist electric bike that comes with off-road capabilities? 

Now, there are a number of reviews out there where you may or may not find the vital details about this electric cruiser bike. And since the e-bike comes with several features and technical specifications, it is important that you get familiar with all its attributes. 

Hence, to save you from this tedious task of searching various reviews, my team and I have reviewed the Himiway cruiser so that you know if it is the right e-bike for you

In this extensive yet straightforward Himiway Electric Bike Review, we have tried to include every possible characteristic, data, and advice that you would require to fully understand this cruiser bike.

Features Of Himiway Cruiser


After evaluating this e-bike, our team established the following attributes:

  • The Himiway cruiser features a lightweight yet sturdy frame that is constructed using 6061 Aluminum. With high tensile strength, the frame remains robust for a long period of time.
  • And, since the frame is sturdy, it makes your long rides comfortable.
  • The alloy rims add to the comfortability, while the 26-inch fat tires offer extra traction and mechanical stability if you wish to ride uphill or over wet surfaces.
  • We noticed during the test that the mechanical disc brakes and alloy V-brakes help make a swift and easy stop at anything the city might throw at you. 
  • The weight (72lbs) of this e-bike may portray that it will be heavy, but trust us, when you will actually ride it, you’ll find it a lot easier to handle whether you cruise through a forest or wish to commute in the city. 
  • Last but definitely not least, the Himiway long-range electric bike is equipped with an LCD display that renders complete information, from battery capacity, current speed to motor power output in real-time. 

The Himiway cruiser is the best electric cruiser bike that most of us have seen in recent years. However, it will be better to move towards a more comprehensive understanding of some of its features through the product details to get a clear picture of this e-bike.

Product Details Of The Himiway Cruiser


Motor, Battery And Speed

Equipped with a 750W motor and Samsung battery, the bike boasts about the 48V 17.5Ah battery that offers 840wh capacity. 

As claimed by the company, even we found that the electric cruiser can go about 35 miles on pure electric power mode and 60 miles or more on pedal-assist mode before you need to charge it again. 

Speaking of miles, according to our tests, this bike seems to go up to 26 mph, whereas Himiway claims the maximum speed is 28 mph (But the rides were still pretty amazing). However, if you switch the pedal-assist to 3 or maybe even 4, it will literally thrust you forward, reaching 27mph (it depends on the type of terrain you ride on).

Aluminum Frame

Himiway proves that they care for their e-bike fanatics by choosing aluminum instead of steel for the construction of the frame. Even though steel is much more comfortable than aluminum, aluminum is much lighter and stronger enough to hold 350 lb. capacity.

Fat Bike Tires

A set of well-built 26″ x 4″ Kenda fat tires brings out the best in this e-bike. These extra-wide tires make all types of terrain easily accessible to you (especially if you are a beginner). 

The burly tires are somewhat the USP of this e-bike since it rolls pretty nicely at turns and unpaved roads while featuring a puncture-resistant layer.

Tektro And Shimano Components

This class 2 e-bike comprises a blend of Shimano and Tektro mechanical components, but still, at a $1,599 price point, it thrives on the entry-level components. With all that speed alongside the 750W motor, we are thankful to Himiway for including the Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes that offer incredible stopping power.

The Structure And Size

With excellent performance, power, and speed, the sleek Himiway cruiser also features the geometry that keeps your back straight, making it an ideal choice for riders who have sensitive lower back

Also, according to Himiway, the e-bike is suitable for riders with a height between 5’3″ – 6’4″, which offers quite a good range for most people.

Additional Accessories

While we were testing the bike on all types of terrain, from gravel, paved road, sand, to grass, we observed that this electric bike comes with several additional accessories. Besides the outstanding components of the Himiway cruiser that we discussed earlier, this class 2 e-bike also includes:

  • Front and rear fenders
  • A chainring guard
  • A kickstand
  • A rear rack (with a wooden seat-like tray)
  • A rear derailleur guard

The taillight and front light really help a lot during the night time. Now, since the battery is pretty huge, it takes up space in the front triangle of the frame. Due to this, you won’t be getting the bottle cage mounts. 

However, you can opt to purchase an additional front-mounted basket to carry your necessities.

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Weight & Dimensions


Bike weight: 72lbs

Battery weight: 8.9lbs

Maximum rider weight: 350lbs

Tires: 26″ x 4″ Kenda fat tires

Tech Spec


Frame: 6061 Aluminum

Range: 35-60 Miles

Battery: 48V 17.5Ah Samsung lithium battery

Gears: Shimano Altus 7-speed

Motor: 750W brushless gear motor

Brakes: Tektro Aries 180mm

Pedal Assist: Levels 0-5

Display: LCD display with USB charging

Price Range:


Do i like it?

The Himiway Bike is a long range, all terrain electric bike.  It has approximately 60 miles of range and can either be ridden in pedal assist or full electric mode.   The specific bike attribute that distinguishes it from others is that it has very wide tires, and a luggage rack.  Both of those attributes make it stand-out from other e-bikes in terms of practicality.  

The assembly of the bike was a cinch.  From opening of the box to final assembly was 43 minutes.  I could have saved 10 or so minutes off of it but a few family distractions popped up. The instructions are pretty clear, but the YouTube videos on assembly remove any questions on the correct sequential way to attach the assembly.  Definitely do not pay to have someone else assemble, I promise you can figure it out.

BikesReviewed finally had a chance to give the Himiway electric bike a true test.  We had received the bike in early January but just had not had the time to truly test it.  With the weather breaking, I spent the entire weekend on the bike.  It turns out I did not need to wait for the snow to melt, the fat tires (26”) on the bike would have provided plenty of stability.

The bike truly is a combination of family comfort with true riding joy.  In my first 5 mile bike ride, I hovered around 22 miles per hour with pedal assist.  And was climbing 15 degree hills with ease.  There were still plenty of puddles around but after splashing through a few with no slip, I didn’t concern myself with them after.  

The battery is a Sumsung 48V and powers a 750W motor.  I had very little range anxiety because the information panel did a fine job of displaying remaining battery and energy consumption.

Himiway Electric Cruiser Bike

The only tricky thing with the bike is getting used to mounting and starting the forward momentum.  You can either juice the bike by rotating the front handle forward, or you can start pedaling. 

I also loaded up the luggage rack to see how secure I could transport goods.  After adding 10 pounds of odds and ends on the tail, I took the bike over several bumps.  The bungy cords that I used to secure the material were sufficient to keep the items on the rack.  Overall, very impressed.  

Finally the bike comes with active suspension pins that move 6-8 inches with torque of around 32 pounds.  I had plenty of fun bouncing up and down but the true benefit of this active suspension is the smoothness of the ride.

This bike is the most practical e-bike for a family.  The approximately $1600 price point is good for this quality of electric bikes, and the wide tires, easy start are extremely helpful in getting everyone safe.

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What We Like


  • It thrusts you forward with great power and performance the moment you start pedaling, making it a great choice for riders who admire a good speed during their ride. 
  • The aluminum frame is lightweight yet provides a sturdy and long-lasting impression
  • The fat tires help to survive all-type of terrain. It offers excellent traction, even on sand. 
  • The battery allows several miles on a single charge
  • It comes with 80 Nm torque which is amazing for a bike like this that is composed of entry-level components. 
  • The back and front lights make the ride easy and comfortable during the night
  • And, (the best) you get a 2-year all-inclusive warranty on this Himiway Cruiser, one of the best electric cruiser bikes.

What we don’t like


  • You may come across a slight delay in pedal assistance when you are pedaling.
  • The LCD display might glitch for a couple of seconds, probably when you are taking turns. (Now, we have only come across this issue once during our test. So it may or may not happen to other riders.)

Buying Advice


The sleek matt black electric cruiser by Himiway is everything that electric bikes have seen or evolved in all these years. While most bike enthusiasts don’t appreciate wide tires, this electric cruiser was successful in giving a new perspective where the burly tires are what makes this bike special. 

Let’s not forget that bike also comprises a cargo rack, comfortable saddle, durable pedals, outstanding drivetrain, seven gear range, fenders, among others which is quite difficult to get at a price point of $1599

The Himiway cruiser is an all-terrain e-bike, but it is not quite the right choice electric bike for people who like aggressive riding. Sure, it has speed and power, but it is still best for city commuting while offering superb traction if you go off-road.

People Also Ask



In a nutshell, the Himiway electric cruiser bike can be a great deal to seal where you get a good value for the money spent. The special thing about this e-bike is that it is effortless to ride, which makes it perfect for commuters. It can accompany you to a local supermarket or your workplace in no time.

After riding the bike, we (or I) can definitely say that the Himiway cruiser can be an ideal choice for any level of rider who loves to commute. If you are someone who always craves something extra, then take the plunge and get yourself this e-bike today. 

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