World’s Toughest Bike Races Revealed

World’s Toughest Bike Races Revealed

Cycling is already a strenuous sport on its own, but what happens when cyclists go to the extreme and participate in some of the toughest bike races in the world? And what makes these races so tough?

La Ruta

La Ruta de Los Conquistadores is a mountain bike race that is held in Costa Rica. In this race, Costa Rica is to be crossed from the Pacific end to the Atlantic end within three days.

The first 50 riders aren't allowed to receive any aid.

Although this is course is beautiful, it is extremely tough. Cyclists are exposed to multiple climate changes and terribly rough terrain throughout the trip. In fact, it took Spanish conquistadors more than 20 whole years to cross this same terrain! Imagine having to do it in 3 days!


The Transpyr coast-to-coast race is one that runs along the Alps and the Pyrenees. It begins on the shore of the Mediterranean, ending eight days later on the other end of Spain.

There are about 66,601 feet of climbing involved in this relay. That is equivalent to climbing Mount Whitney in California 4 entire times.

Transpyr bike race.

It takes about 50 hours for the lead cyclist to complete the race. However, it often takes other riders sometimes up to 100 hours for them to finish the relay.


RAAM stands for the Race Across America. This race travels from the west coast all the way to the east coast. This is one of the longest annual endurance races to ever exist in the world.

The distance traveled by the end of this race is about 3,000 miles. It is a nonstop event that takes over a week to finish, even for the fastest cyclists.

If this doesn't sound like the toughest uphill race yet, wait till you hear about how dangerous it can be! Two people have died while trying to complete this race course!

Tour de France

Tour de France is an annual bike race that takes place in France. This race is one of the most popular and most well known beyond the cycling community. About 3.5 billion people gather together to watch this race.

Tour de France takes about three entire weeks or 23 days to finish, that’s almost a whole month! Riders pass through super rough and excruciating mountain terrain, like that of the Pyrenees and the Alps. The daily average speed when participating in this race is 25 mph.

Tour de France bike race.

Like the RAAM, multiple people have also died while trying to complete this race. Four cyclists died while racing in the Tour de France. Adolphe Helière drowned, Francisco Cepeda plunged down a ravine, Tom Simpson died of heart failure while ascending on Mount Ventoux, and Fabio Casartelli crashed while speeding while descending the Col de Portet d'Aspet.

The climb up L’Alpe is so steep that its difficulty level is unrated by riders, it surpasses the norm. Col du Tourmalet has 78 ascents and begins and ends steeply. You should take precaution before embarking on that journey.

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