Top 3 Biking Moments Every Cyclist Experiences

Top 3 Biking Moments Every Cyclist Experiences

Every cyclist loves the sport for a different reason. However, there are a few cycling moments that each rider will experience at one point in their lives.

In this quick post, we speak on the most common moments you'll face once you get ready to ride.

While some of these moments happen after a good race, you can't become sidetracked. The only way to become a better cyclist is to work on improving continuously.

Read more to learn the top 3 cycling experiences and how to remain a good cyclist afterward.

The First Time You Win A Race

Cycling is a great sport because it creates a competitive, yet supportive environment. It doesn't matter if it's a professional race or just a quick sprint against a friend, you'll feel good once you complete your first race.

Cyclist celebrating his victory with champagne

Don't let your first victory overwhelm you. Beginners make the mistake of becoming overconfident after their first race win.

This mindset will lead into you underestimating your opponents, forgetting your daily practice, and eventually your first loss.

You'll need to practice consistently in order to recreate your "first win" memory. 

We suggest practicing at least 3-5 times a week to keep your mind and body condition for the next race. By doing this, you'll increase the chances of you winning a race while continuously working on your performance.

The "Jello Legs" Moment

This is the most common experience that every cyclist faces after an intense ride.

Having jello legs means that you have completed a workout to exhaustion and that your muscles need recovery.

After feeling "jello legs", we suggest you give your legs enough time to recover before getting ready to ride again.

Your muscles break down after each exercise and need time to rest in order to grow.

Give your body at least 48 hours of rest to ensure that it has enough energy and strength to continue cycling.

Cyclist having a jello legs feeling

The Moment You Realize You're Healthy

After about a few weeks of cycling, you'll start to notice a huge change in your health and physical well-being. Cyclists have strong legs, high energy, and quick metabolisms.

By frequently cycling, you're improving your cardio and your overall endurance.

Just because you're healthy due to cycling, doesn't mean you have the freedom to slack off. You still need to ride frequently and eat correctly to remain healthy. Keep cycling in order to enjoy long lasting health and keep your body in shape.


There are certain moments that everyone faces in their cycling career. But, don't let these positive moments cloud your judgment. As a cyclist, you'll want to stay level headed while continuously working on the next racing event.

While these are the top 3 cycling moments that everyone faces, there are still a lot more moments to love. Have you ever experienced any of these moments while cycling?

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