How To Make A Ten Wheeled Bike

How To Make A Ten Wheeled Bike

While you won't win any races, a ten wheeled bike is fun and easy to make.

Our main goal is to tell you what a ten wheeled bike looks like and how to construct your own.

By the end of this post, you'll have your own ten wheeled bikes to ride around town with.

What Is A Ten Wheeled Bike?

A ten wheeled bike looks exactly how it sounds. It's a bike modification that's made for fun and is usually seen around bike show fairs.

Ten-wheeled bikes are made for casual bikers who see cycling as a hobby.

Despite its wacky appearance, it's still rideable. The bike has a two wheelbase and eight other wheels surrounding it on a different frame. This gives the bike an exotic appearance, while still able to function as a regular bike.

What Materials Are Needed?

You need to have the proper materials before making your first ten wheeled bikes. Here are the certain parts you need to construct one:

Two bike wheels
  • Mountain Bike or any bicycle
  • Extended Bike Frame
  • ​8 Bike Wheels of different sizes
  • Super Glue
  • Wrench & Tool-Kit

After gathering the desired materials, you're now ready to make the bike!

Building A 10 Wheeled Bike

Step 1: First you want to keep your mountain bike in a still position. Any rough movements will cause for your materials to fall off before properly installing them. Use a stand or any other equipment to ensure that your bike remains in place.

Step 2: Create your extended frame. Since it's a ten wheeled bike, you'll want the extended frame to have a circular shape. This makes it easier for the pre-existing frame to support the weight of the extra eight wheels added on the extended frame while making it easier for both frames to connect.

Step 3: Start adding extra wheels on the extended bike frame. Make sure that your larger wheels are placed at the rear of your bicycle.

On the other hand, smaller wheels need to be placed in the front of the frame.

Step 4: Attach your extended frame to the pre-existing one once all of your wheels are placed on the extended frame.

Make sure that every added wheel is secured tight on the frame.

Step 5: Now that everything is set in place, check to see if there are any extra issues. Inspect both frames and make sure they are both connected properly.

After that, you can relax knowing that you've created your first ten wheeled bike!

Safety Warnings

Remember, your 10 wheeled bike should be used for casual riding only. The 8 extra wheels add weight to your bike; meaning that you should ride slower than usual.

Don't ride at performance speed because you'll lose control over your bike and potentially lose one of the wheels.

Watch out for incoming traffic when riding. Since your bike has more weight, it'll be harder to maneuver as you would normally. Keep your signals up and let others know that you're riding to ensure that you and your bike remains safe from harm.


Making a 10 wheeled bike is a fun DIY project for the cyclist aficionado. It requires a bit of planning and skill, but it's not too hard to create. Ultimately, have fun with your new 10 wheeled bike and continue to have fun cycling.

Happy Riding!

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