The Most Unique Bicycles Around: T-Rex Bicycles

T-Rex Bicycles And How They're Good For Your Kids

Anyone who has ever seen Jurassic Park is likely to have dreamt about what it would be like to ride on the back of a Tyrannosaurus. Many kids and adults have had such a fascination with dinosaurs that some enthusiasts have begun crafting their unique cycles that resemble one of the greatest predators of prehistoric times.

While they may not be the most effective of actual bikes, they are popular for their interesting design and uniqueness.

A T-Rex Bike?

A T-rex bike doesn’t come with all of the skin and teeth that any other dinosaur replica might. T-Rex bikes are suspended bicycles that have the rider hoisted up much higher than most bicycles are designed to. Why don’t you see them around more? Well, it’s because it’s impossible to buy one in stores. The only ones in existence have mostly been sold through craigslist.

As strange as it sounds, T-rex bicycles started to become popular after a few hobbyists modded bicycles and orchestrated frames that resemble their favorite dinosaur.

In recent news, a cycling enthusiast and engineer out of Oregon made their custom T-Rex bike that has a frame made out of fragile materials such as foam and plexiglass. It sold for thousands of dollars on craigslist and was viewed as an innovative way to capture the spirit of archeology and appreciation of dinosaurs.

Trex Bike

The popular bicycle was about 11 feet long and under a hundred pounds. In all honesty, the bicycle was more of a marionette or puppet than it was a functioning ride. It's meant to entertain and be a conversation piece over functionality.

The T-Rex Bike came with “reigns” that acted as handlebars and allows the “rider” to turn the head of the T-rex left and right, up and down. It also helped move the jaw and neck in the event the rider wants to mimic it eating.

The unusual bicycle comes apart and is easy to put together with a basic toolset, which makes it easy to transport to and from performances. The T-Rex puppet bike does have some problems. Because of the materials, it requires regular upkeep. While these can be fun to bring out they can be difficult to keep stored safely, so it's important for those interested in having one to be prepared for an intensive toy.

It’s the perfect puppet for gym demonstrations, parades, and party outings, especially if you invest in a safari outfit to complete the getup.


The T-Rex bicycle hits the perfect borderline between creepy and adorable. It's not something you would want to run into in your garage on a dark and stormy night, but it still fulfills the purpose of being something quaint that would surely be popular amongst children and dinosaur enthusiasts wherever it went.

Ultimately it was sold, and other imitators have begun crafting similar pieces to use at museums, parks, and zoos.

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