How To Bike In A Skirt (Tutorial)

Ride a bike in a skirt

Riding a bike is an excellent way to exercise, you can either use it as a form of transportation and get the benefits of exercise long term.

If you would rather have immediate results, you can bike intensively over a shorter time frame to improve your physical fitness quickly.

Unfortunately, there is a pretty strict dress code when it comes to cycling. 

It is typically a matter of convenience since tight nylon shorts tend to be out of the way of the chain and gears, as well as being suitable for exercise.

While this is ideal if you plan on exercising, that is not quite the case when you are using your bike as a method of transportation.

Clothes such as dresses and skirts come to mind when thinking of inconvenient biking clothes. Unfortunately, they tend to look great when worn on a bike, but the wind has a nasty tendency of making you flash everyone in your immediate surroundings.

Fortunately, we have a few solutions to help you get past this unfortunate occurrence.

The Penny Trick

This is one of the more creative solutions to the issue of riding your bike with a skirt on. All it requires is a penny or a similarly sized piece of change. Place the penny face on to your skirt, and wrap the skirt around it until it is tight enough around your legs to be worn on a bike. Once it is tight enough, simply pull an elastic around the penny, and your skirt will be tight enough.

Woman in orange dress.

While this is the quickest and easy option, it can wrinkle your skirt and necessitate ironing. However, it works in a pinch, and that is the most important part.

Buy a Cycling Skirt

There is also the option of buying a specially designed skirt for cycling. These are meant to fit tightly enough to avoid any issues with flashing or other common problems, but they are still stylish enough to look good. Unfortunately, they do necessitate buying new clothes, and most of them come in nylon, so they are not very suitable for more formal occasions.

Cycling Skirt

Wearing Leggings

Another option you have is to wear leggings. While this may not seem ideal, you can always take them off and put them in your cycling pack once you have reached your destination.

This is a bit more convenient than having to buy new clothes. It also doesn’t wrinkle your skirts like the penny trick, which is ideal if you are not a fan of ironing.


We hope that at least one of these solutions seems ideal for you. While it may seem difficult to ride a bike in a skirt, it simply takes a bit of creativity or some specially made clothes. It is up to you which one works best.

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