Recovery Rituals After A Bike Ride

Recovery Rituals After A Bike Ride

Riding, although great for the body, can be strenuous and tiring.

Planning healthy recovery exercises after long rides can help you recuperate faster and grow stronger, allowing you to spend more time on the bike and the road.

Here are some post-ride recovery rituals that you and your body will love!

Restful Workouts

When we think of rest, we often think of lying in bed or sleeping. However, as a cyclist, there are physical ways of resting that don’t just mean doing nothing or napping. In fact, the proper way to relax post-ride is to do something at a low-level intensity.

Doing light workouts on off days are a great way to let your body relax while remaining active. Come up with a cool-down workout routine to do after cycling or on your off days.

Protein Protein Protein!

Eating lots of healthy protein after working your body out is important. This is one of the best, and easiest, things you can do for yourself post-ride.

Protein helps muscles recover and repair themselves. It also gives the body energy. It is a way to relieve fatigue after cycling.

Some foods high in protein are:

  • Protein shakes
  • Eggs
  • ​Yogurt/kefir
  • ​Nuts
  • ​Chicken
  • ​Salmon
  • Supplements

Treat Yourself to a Massage

One way to unwind post-ride is to get yourself a massage. Mentally, a massage will help you gain calmness and relaxation.

Physically, a massage will help your muscles relax and relieve any tight areas of pain.

Massages also increase blood flow and circulation to the body, which is great for your body and muscles after an intense workout.

A cyclist getting a massage.

Soak That Body!

Another thing to try post-ride is soaking your body in a tub of cold water. This will help reduce inflammation and soreness that may be caused by your ride.

Bathing in cold water will also refresh your body and your skin, especially after sweating outside on a hot day. A cold bath will help you unwind and relax, both physically and mentally.


As we all know, getting a proper amount of sleep is vital for our bodies. However, sleep is even more crucial after a ride. Your body needs time to rejuvenate, and your muscles need time to take in their protein and grow.

Sleep is an essential part of the physical activity and getting more sleep means that your activity will be more fruitful. Also, sleep is important for de-stressing, both physically and mentally, so getting the right amount of sleep post-ride will make sure that you feel great.


Try to weigh yourself before and after rides. For every pound, you lose, drink 16 ounces of water. This will help you balance your weight by replacing what you've lost.

Woman drinking water after an exercise.

While sweating, you may not realize how many pounds you're shedding, but post-workout, it can catch up to you.

Pose & Do Some Yoga

Yoga, post-ride, will help you stretch your body out. It will relax your mind and your muscles while keeping you flexible.

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