Picasso’s Bike Bull: A Stunning Display Of Creativity

Picasso’s Bike Bull

Art can come from the most surprising of places. Take the story of this incredible piece of art designed by Pablo Picasso.

Known as Bull's Head, this piece of artwork is in the category of found object art.

Found object art is a type of artwork that uses everyday objects to make a piece of art which would otherwise not be visible.

Found object art has not always been well received. When the art discipline was in its infancy, it was viewed as lazy and not worth the attention given to other, more intricate art pieces.

As we can see today, this judgment was markedly unfair, as pieces of found object art like the Bull's Head are still famous to this very day.

The Story Behind the Bull’s Head

The beauty of the Bull's Head is that there is a story behind it. Picasso even spoke about how the idea came to him. He noticed that a bicycle seat and handlebars were in a pile of refuse and they were aligned in such a way as to make the head of a bull.

Stunning Display of Creativity

The Art Piece

The Bull's Head itself is a remarkably simple piece of artwork. It is simply made of a bicycle seat and handlebars joined by spot welding. The bike seat is positioned, so the top is facing the viewer, and the front tip is facing downwards, and the bars are welded so that they are pointing up, resembling the horns of a bull.

While it may be simple, it is still a beautiful and surprisingly representative piece of art. It shows that art can be made out of the most strange objects, even a pair of bike components which were thrown out together.


When first displayed, this art piece was so badly received by the public that it caused demonstrations, forcing the owners of the exhibit to take it down. As we mentioned earlier, found object art was considered sub-par at the time.

When people heard that there was a new piece of Picasso art, they were expecting his usual Cubist masterpieces. When they were greeted by the sight of the Bull's Head, many people were disappointed and disenchanted by this piece of art.

Picasso with bulls mask

Thankfully, over the years, interest in and appreciation of this piece has bloomed. It is unfortunate that it took so long for found object art to be legitimized in the eyes of the general populace, but it just goes to show just how much of a visionary Picasso was. This is an example of a piece of art which is truly ahead of its time.


While this may have been different from many of our other articles, we like to pride ourselves on everything bike related. The Bull’s Head is a beautiful piece of artwork which did not see the appreciation it deserved until far too late.

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