Pearson Cycles: The Oldest Bike Shop In The World

Pearson Cycles: The Oldest Bike Shop In The World

Pearson Cycles, in Sutton London, is recently named as the oldest bike shop in the world. According to “Guinness World Records” the company has been around for over 154 years.

In this short blog post, we’ll discuss on how this company became the way it is today.


In 1860, the shop was founded by Thomas Pearson. Thomas started off as a blacksmith whose main intention was to create bikes for the community.

He created the shop whose ethos revolves around great attention to detail and quality customer service.

The cycle workshop in the old forge at Pearson's

During its first years of inception, Thomas’ family lived above the shop.

Thomas’ son Henry took over the company as his passing, and the shop has been passed down from generation to generation.

In the 1980s, bikes have started to change. Biking became to increase in popularity amongst the masses, and newer bikes were undergoing creation.

Hybrid and road bikes were invented during this decade and would become mass manufactured by the end of this era.

By 1999, the government has created a “cycle-to-work” program. This is where employees were given free bikes based on their income.

Pearson during this time decided to create “bike libraries” for companies which helped the company maintain their reputation up until the early 2003s.

Fifth Generation

Now the shop is owned by Guy Pearson and his brother William Pearson; both of whom represent the fifth generation of the family. While they continue to keep up with their family’s tradition, both are passionate cyclists who have a genuine love for bicycling.

Recently, Pearson’s Shop has opened a new shop within the Sutton region. According to family tradition, the company creates a new shop every 150 years. Because of this, it’s one of the most respected family shops around the world.

Having the oldest bike shop in the world doesn’t change much for the company.

Guy Pearson states that they have to consistently keep up with their competitors who often sell bikes online.

Pearson decides to combat the competition by building bikes directly to their customer’s needs. Guy and William Pearson use a unique technique that measures their proportions to the nearest inch.

Pearsons bike shop, first name.

After about a 30 minute discussion, they create a bike that’s customized bike that fits the user’s shape. This helps their clients ride and pedal better with no issues. Their family-operated customer service mixed with their innovative practices are what makes Pearson’s Bike Shop one of the best shops in London.


To conclude, the Pearson Bike Shop is known as one of the oldest bike shops in the world. It’s been around for over 154 years, creating a new shop after every 150 years. Since it’s a family owned business Guy and William plan to pass the shop down to their sixth generation.

Moders Parsons bike shop.

Their original store is located in Sutton, London. They offer a broad range of bikes, quality customer service, and Liteloks. The world’s oldest bike shop now owns the world’s first light, high-security bike lock. If you are in the area, feel free to stop by and chat with them!

Leave a comment below if you’ve ever experienced a family-owned bike shop in your area.

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