Cycling On Highways: A Big No-No

Cycling On Highways: A Big No-No

When it comes to cycling, knowing the safety regulations is key to have a successful trip.

Regardless of whether you're cycling in a congested traffic area or a nature bike path, you need to wear the necessary gear that can protect you in times of danger.

Clothes You Should Wear

Before you decide to ride your bike, you need a cycle helmet that follows all current safety regulations. You also need appropriate clothes that won't get tangled in the chain or wheel of your bike. The more fluorescent colored your clothes are, the better people can see you.

You should consider buying reflective accessories so drivers can locate you in the dark. Keep in mind that all this safety gear won’t come in handy if you decide to ride your bike on a highway.

Rules To Follow

A bicycle is considered to be a road vehicle, so it qualifies to be in the same class as a car or truck. This means all rules of the road that apply to cars apply to bikes as well.

Keep in mind that there are some additional rules of the road specific to bikes that don't pertain to cars.

Girl with her bike standing by the

When you ride a bike around a city, you need to stop at red lights and follow designated traffic signs that a car would follow as well.

You should always use marked bike paths or lanes whenever they’re available. If you’re over the age of 12, it’s illegal for you to ride your bike on a sidewalk.

Biking On Highways?

If you’re going on a long-distance bike trip and want to follow an easy route, some people opt out to ride their bike on a highway.

Riding on a highway does have its perks since it’s typically a faster route, requires less turning, easier to memorize, and shorter route directions.

Even though taking a highway sounds like an easier method of bike riding, it's illegal in almost every single state in America.

In fact, if a police officer sees you riding a bike on a highway, you'll be pulled over and be dealt with.

Also, take into account all the dangerous trucks and cars going at speeds exceeding 70 miles per hour because there’s a chance that one of them will hit you.

On The Bright Side

Several states in America are taking into consideration bikers who want to have access to highways, so new initiatives are taking place.

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States like Maine, Michigan, Alaska, and New Hampshire are creating new highway systems suitable for bikes, so you can ride alongside a highway without the fear of a car hitting you.


Biking in a congested traffic area can prove to be a dangerous situation if you are not aware of the rules of the road. The last thing you need is to be run over by a car because it wasn't your right to turn.

Riding your bike on highways is entirely a different story because cars are moving at breakneck speeds and won't take your presence into consideration since riding a bike on a highway is illegal.

If you do want to ride your bike on a highway, you should consider moving to one of the states that are taking action to creating a highway system specific for bike riders.

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