Fact Or Fiction: How A Magnetic Bicycle Seat Boosts Male Fertility

Men and woman riding on a bike.

Amongst the stranger headlines most curious cyclists read each year, there are a few topics that always come back around.

Topics are as weird as cyclist alien abductions to topics as "mundane" as craziest accident survival stories.

Beyond cycling itself, the effects and situations it can cause are only moderately understood because of the increasing attention to the finer points of cycling in recent years.

One thing that people wonder about is its impact on fertility.

The Fiction

It's often said that riding traditional bicycle seats that are uncomfortable can lead to fertility problems in men and women due to the constriction of circulation in the groin area.

While there has been some merit to prove this is true, there are ways to address it. One that has been gaining steam is the use of a slightly magnetic bicycle seat. It's said that low-level magnetism can influence sperm count and increase general circulation in the groin.

The theory would be that the seat would help stimulate the production and maintenance of bodily functions similar to the way crystals and other energy-based therapy would work.

If this were true, it would help some cyclists that suffer from detrimental effects of long rides and the stress placed on their bodies after arduous events.

The Fact

If it sounds a bit ridiculous, that’s a good thing. The reality is that this is not possible.

At most, it has a placebo effect that leads to a better mentality and therefore less stress during sexual encounters when aiming for pregnancy.

While it would be great to be able to minimize the damage that cycling has on the body, there are a few ways that can be done without relying on a magic bicycle seat.

Magnetic Bicycle Seat

The Takeaway

The reality is that a magnetic bicycle seat can't make much of a difference. If it were radiating a strong electromagnetic field, at best it would raise your chance of infertility.

The best ways to minimize the damage of cycling on your fertility is to ensure that you:

  • Take care of your body and ensure proper rest between training sessions.
  • Minimize the amount of discomfort by having the best bicycle seat for your particular body fit.
  • Wear proper clothes for training and taking safety precautions against accidents.
Woman and magnetic bicycle seat

If you follow these tips, chances are you will not have too much to worry about.

There are some other sources for infertility that have a much higher chance of limiting your chances of having children, such as your cell phone or music player.

Take zinc supplements to help your workout process and hormones, get the proper amount of rest, keep your stress levels low, and pay attention to your body and everything will be fine.

Do you have fertility advice for your fellow bikers? If so leave a comment below.


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