Low Budget, No Problem: Advice For Cyclers On Low Budgets

Low Budget, No Problem: Advice For Cyclers On Low Budgets

Those wanting to ride their bikes from coast to coast have to take money into consideration before embarking on such a long journey.

Even cyclers trying to go on bike tours need to establish some budget, so money isn't spent frivolously.

You shouldn't associate comfort with spending lots of money because you can live frugally yet comfortably just as easily.

Throughout Europe, there are tons of hostels that range in price from 15 to 20 Euros a night. You can even couch surf, which is a cheaper alternative to staying at a hostel.

If you are only riding your bike around the wilderness, your only option would be to sleep outside. This means you need to bring the necessary camping gear with you when you go on your cycling tour.

What You Need To Bring

You should take the time to invest in the specific camping gear you'll be carrying with you. It's a good idea to invest in a durable free-standing tent, waterproof bike bags, a cooking stove, and a decent-quality tour bike.

Make sure your bike has front and rear racks, so you have a place to put your camping items. These bikes won't cost you a lot of money, and taking the wilderness route will save you more money in the long run.

Jar containing money for the next adventure on the wooden table

Plus, most people already have camping gear, so this route ensures no additional costs.

You Should Set Personal Goals

Before you decide to start your bike tour, you should consider how much distance you'll cover at a daily pace. For most people, it's hard to write a specific number of miles they can cycle because it's hard to distinguish between what you can do and what you can do.

Most bike tourers can achieve an average of 60 to 60 kilometers of bike riding in a day. Weather typically plays a huge part in how far a person can ride their bike for the day. If it's about to rain, you may consider shortening your daily distance, so you don't overexert yourself.

Those who have never participated in a bike tour before may consider starting out with much smaller distances than an average bike tourer can complete.

There should be one thing that’s the driving force behind your bike tour, and you should use it to push you to keep going.

You should also research about the areas you’ll be riding your bike through, and what kinds of animals may live there. This doesn’t cost you any money and improves your state of mind.

You Should Always Stay On Track

Since the innovation of GPS technology, it’s hard to get lost on a bike tour nowadays. You have the option between a practical GPS or a navigation app that’s accessible via your smartphone.

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Most professional bike tourers opt out to use a multi-functional GPS device designed with bike tourers in mind.

Smartphones are the cheapest option for a low budget cycler since you probably already have one. Even though everyone has smartphones, you need to make sure you’ll have constant access to electricity and the internet for it to work.


Going on a bike tour doesn't have to cost you hundreds of dollars if you know the tricks behind cycling on a low budget. Hopefully, the advice given above was sufficient enough for you to start planning your bike tour today!

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