Tips For Biking In Hot Weather

Tips For Biking In Hot Weather

Whether you live in an already hot climate, or just in a region where your summers can still reach the 90s and 100s on a regular basis, hot weather can post more than a few issues to your bike riding, regardless of if you ride on the road, the park, or the trail.

A carefree attitude towards hot weather riding can get you in trouble. The high heat can pose several different health risks, both on the inside and outside. As with any other riding scenario, it’s best to know how to handle it beforehand, so you aren’t placing yourself in a bad position.

Here are 5 crucial tips for ensuring that your hot weather riding is enjoyable and safe.


Extreme heat requires some extra measures to be sure everything goes well. This includes doing things like throwing some ice in your hydration pack before heading out, or freezing that second water bottle so it stays nice and cold when you get to it during the ride.

In some cases, you may need to plan your ride around places that have access to cold beverages along the way. You’ll also need to take your average distance down a bit, or at least make adjustments for riding at a slower speed. This isn’t the time to be beating your best time records.

Cyclist with bottles of water on his back.

Also plan for after your ride. This can include having a recovery drink in the refrigerator waiting for when you get back, and packing some protein snacks for right after the ride as well.


This is huge. Sunscreen is a must, not only to prevent the dreaded shrt tan, but to protect your skin from issues down the road. Sunburns can also increase your metabolism and cause excess fatigue. Ever felt extremely groggy the day after a bad sunburn? That’s why.

Protection is more than just sunscreen. You’ll need 100% UV blocking lenses on your sunglasses or eye shields, and it’s also helpful to put a brimmed hat under that bike helmet to keep your face shaded and cool. Don’t forget the back of your neck and legs too.


This goes without saying. Bring plenty of water, and don’t wait until you’re super thirsty to drink it.

Keep a small, continuous flow going throughout your ride. 

Electrolyte drinks can help your case even more. Don’t forget to hydrate after the ride too.


Cyclist drinking water in moisture-wicking clothes.

Moisture-wicking socks and clothing are a must. This keeps you cooler and drier, and also prevents chaffing, often in areas you’d rather not chafe, if you know what I mean.


This is crucial. Hot days are not the days to be trying to prove yourself or push too hard. Scale things back a bit. You'll have a safer ride, and your body will thank you later.


Hot weather riding doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Follow the above tips and use common sense to ensure a fun and safe ride anytime the sun is beating down at the peak of summer.

Do you have any hot weather riding tips? Let us know below.

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