Which Country Has Adopted The Most E-bikes?

Electric bikes were first created in 1881 by Frenchman Gustav Trouvé, it was actually a tricycle with only a few watts of electricity, so it wasn’t quite the electric boost we have today.

However it was the world’s first electric vehicle. In 1887, the electric bike trend moved over to the British bike brand Humber who released an electric tandem bike.

Moving onto 1895 the US Patent Office issued Ogden Bolton Jr a patent for his electric bike which had a hub motor in the rear wheel but no gears.

The electric bike trend quickly expanded across the world and in 1975, Japanese technology brought us the Panasonic e-bike, which used 24V lead-acid car batteries.

Where are most electric bikes sold currently?

In 2016, statistics show that over 34 million electric bikes were sold globally – with 32.8 million of these being the Asia-Pacific region. 1.6 million units were sold in Western Europe, 0.15 million across Northern America, 0.09 million units in Latin America, 0.07 million in the Middle East and Africa, with the smallest chunk being sold in Eastern Europe with 0.04 million units

Sold Electric Bikes

Since 2000, China has been the largest market for electric bikes and this is consistently growing year on year. In 2015 China itself sold 14.35 million electric bikes, it is classed as the most important market for electric bikes worldwide. They are often used as an alternative to scooters and mopeds.

China may be the leading force at the moment; however, Europe is rapidly emerging in the ebike market. In Germany, they’re used by postal employees and over 6,000 ebikes are used in the service, so they certainly aren’t just used for leisure purposes.

Where is the electric bike market likely to go in the future?

Statista.com predicts that in 2023, global sales of electric bikes are to reach approximately 40 million units.

With China selling 34.3 million units out of the 40 million, they’re expected to remain the most important market for ebikes worldwide. The remaining 6 million are expected across the rest of the world, with the majority being in Europe and a growing market in America.

What are the laws for electric bikes around the world?

Electric Bike

In the UK, laws for electric bikes are relatively simple. Electric bikes in the UK must follow EAPC (electrically assisted pedal cycles) requirements to be classed as a regular push bike.

This means you’re able to treat it just like a regular bicycle, meaning you can ride it on cycle paths, roads and other places regular bikes are allowed. You don’t need a licence for an electric bike, nor do you need to register, tax or insure your ebike.

However, you must be 14 years old to ride an electric bike.

Laws are varied around the world, dependent on the wattage of the bike and speeds. So if you choose to ride an electric bike in another country, it’s important to check the laws before doing so. For example in Hong Kong, electric bikes are not allowed in any public area.

So, which country has adopted the most e-bikes?

Through all the statistics and research it’s pretty clear which country has adopted to the most ebikes. 

China is in the lead for electric bikes and it’s likely to stay that way for years to come. It is important to note though that Europe is quickly picking up electric bike sales.

All the statistics and information for this article have been found on statista.com.

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