Top 2 Things Not To Drink While Cycling

Do Not Drink While Cycling

Biking can be a very enjoyable experience as long as you maintain a healthy diet.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a healthy diet includes only things that they eat.

Do not make this mistake as biking becomes exponentially more challenging when you are functioning on an unhealthy diet, including drinks which are not conducive to exercise.

Over the course of this article, we will name some of the more common drinks that can have an adverse effect on a rider's performance quality.

You would be surprised at the number of drinks which are bad for cycling. Seemingly innocent drinks can have hidden, negative side effects when consumed before a long bike ride. Think smart before you drink something before or during your ride.


The number one drink to avoid while you are exercising is alcohol. There are many reasons why cyclists should avoid alcohol while they are riding.

Foremost of these reasons is due to impairment from intoxication.

As a bike rider, you are still operating a form of vehicle, and you are taking your safety into your hands when you go out on the road on your bike.

Beer and bike.

If you are drunk while you are riding your bike, your balance will be substantially impaired in comparison to when you are sober.

Additionally, it will simply be harder to maintain the same level of situational awareness that you would have while sober. Situational awareness is crucial for cyclists, and you put your life at risk if you hamper that in any way.

In addition to the points about impairment, alcohol is also a very potent diuretic. This means that it dehydrates you. The last thing you want to be while on a long bike ride is dehydrated, as this will make it harder to exercise. It is also very unhealthy to exert yourself while you are dehydrated because your body is not functioning optimally.

Sugary Beverages

Drinks like soda, iced coffee and other drinks with a high glucose content are not the kind of drinks you should be enjoying while you are on your bike ride.

While these carbs are good for energy, they are not the right kind of carbs you need.

When compared to an exercise drink, you will be losing far too much water in exchange for the carbs in these drinks.

As we have already stated, you will typically want to avoid dehydration as much as possible. This is rather simple if you stick to the ground rule of enjoying electrolyte beverages and water over the course of your bike ride.

Cyclist drinking sugary beverage.


As you can see, it is rather important to stay on top of what you are drinking just as much as paying attention to the things you eat while cycling. For longer distance journeys, we would recommend sticking to good old water.

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