Best Yoga Poses For Cyclists

Best Yoga Poses For Cyclists

Yoga is a form of mind/body exercise that works on the core. It is a great way to build strength and work on muscles.

Yoga can help you tone your body and develop flexibility. It is also an amazing way to learn relaxation and breathing techniques.

Yoga is great when practiced with other forms of athleticism, especially cycling. Cycling is a cardiovascular exercise that focuses on strength throughout the entire body.

Yoga can aid this process of strength training, as well as relieving muscle pain and stiffness from continuous cycling.

Flexibility can also heighten cycling performance, as it can allow you to move faster and easier. Here are some ways to incorporate yoga into your cycling routine.

Yoga before cycling

Practicing yoga before cycling can help your body be more relaxed and less stiff before cycling. Relaxation and breathing techniques from yoga can help you on tough climbs as well. Yoga also revitalizes the body and gives you energy, which will greatly benefit you on your rides.

Yoga after cycling

Practicing Yoga after cycling can help you unwind. It will remove aches and stiffness from the muscles you’ve been using throughout your ride.

Here are some poses to incorporate pre & post cycling!

1. Bridge

Lay down flat on your back. Bend your knees.

Keep your feet apart from each other at approximately the distance of your hips.

Place your hand either under your body or by your ears. Inhaling, lift your pelvis off the floor and push it as far upwards as you can, creating a bridge with your body.

Yoga bridge pose.

This will help stretch out your spine and build core strength.

2. Low Lunge

Woman doing yoga low lunge.

Bend one knee in front of you at a right angle, and have your other leg lie flat behind you.

Keep your hands parallel to the foot in front of you.

This exercise will help stretch and relax your hip flexors that get used and sometimes strained, when cycling.

3. Pigeon

Begin on all fours and then slide one knee up to its corresponding arm.

Angle your leg under your body. Slide the opposite leg as far back as possible.

Let your hips sink.

This exercise will open your hips and help you avoid possible injuries in that area.

Yoga pigeon pose.

4. Squat

Woman doing yoga squat.

While standing, keep your feet at shoulder’s distance away from each other.

Turn your feet out at 30 degrees. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, going down as if you were sitting on a chair.

Don’t let your knees go past your feet. Come back up and repeat.

This exercise stretches the ankles, builds the glutes, and focuses on the hips. The squat is a wholesome exercise that will build strength in your back and legs and keep them healthy.

5. Cat-Cow

Go on all fours so that you are on your hands and knees. The cow portion of this exercise involves arching your back as deeply as possible and lifting your head upwards towards the sky.

The cat portion of this exercise involves rounding your back upwards as much as possible and lowering your head.

This exercise stretches the spine and back muscles, while also focusing on posture. This exercise will keep you riding sturdily and free of any back pain.

Yoga cat-cow pose.

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