Careers Cyclists Would Enjoy

Careers Cyclists Would Enjoy

Have you ever wondered what types of jobs are available to cyclists and how they do their jobs?

Here is a cool list of cycling jobs!

Biker Advertising

As brands look for more new and innovative ways to advertise, we start seeing ad placements in more unusual places.

I’m sure that you’ve seen a car plastered with a popular brand’s logo driving past before. Now the world of advertising is extending to bicycles!

Recently, cycling has picked up, especially in urban areas, so naturally, an increase in biker advertising is following. These brands give mini billboards and ads to cyclists, who then ride around the city with the ad for pay.

Cycling Tour Guide

Many tour guide companies love to hire local cyclists as guides. That’s because many cyclists know the best places in town, especially those that are more authentic, scenic, and local to the nearby community.

Biker tour guides aren’t expected to show off tourist attractions, but rather, to take their group around the small treasures of the town.

Indoor Cycling Instructor

Indoor cycling is the latest fitness craze! It has become highly popular, especially with viral videos of cool cycling classes circulating social media.

Indoor cycling is quite similar to outdoor cycling when it comes to the actual workout, but it removes risks like unfavorable weather conditions, commitment, and accidents. This makes it accessible to people who don't have the resources or will to become actual cyclists but still want to achieve a hardcore workout.

Indoor cycling instructor.

Being an indoor cycling instructor is a fun and well paying job!

Outdoor Cycling Coach

Turning your hobby or sport into a career is possible. An outdoor cycling coach coaches beginner cyclists into professional ones. In this job, the cycling coach teaches the students tricks, stunts, and mountain biking.

This job lets cyclists develop their cycling skills while helping others share the passion for cycling.

Ambulance Cyclists

Some hospitals are starting to implement ambulance cycle teams into their workforce. With events that have blocked off roads or high traffic, ambulance cyclists can reach the destination and patient quicker than an ambulance car would be able to.

Ambulance cyclist.

Ambulance cyclists weave in and out of traffic to surpass the blockage to arrive at the scene.

This is super important because even though ambulance vehicles have sirens and lights if they are stuck behind many cars or a blockage, there is not much they can do to maneuver around.

However, ambulance cyclists can beat the daunting time and save the lives that need saving.

Being an ambulance cyclist is a cool and innovative job that requires a passion for both cycling and caring for others.

Mountain Bike Adventure Specialist

This is one of the coolest jobs available to cyclists. You get paid for cycling in your own time. You have to be a qualified mountain biker for this job. You also have to assume responsibility for those following your trail.

Even though it is a high commitment job, it is an excellent way to get paid for doing what you love when you want to do it!

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