Cycling Without Age: A Touching Nonprofit

Cycling Without Age: A Touching Nonprofit

Most of us have visited a family member in a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

It is sad to see great people confined inside the walls of a home due to their old age.

Thanks to cyclists, they now have the chance to get outdoors once again and experience the fun of being cycled about.

The love of cycling transcends age. Just because someone gets old doesn't mean that they should not be able to enjoy the feeling of cycling.

Unfortunately, it simply becomes impractical to cycle past a certain age. Thanks to Ole Kassow, now the elderly can once again experience the joy of the wind on their faces as they are cycled around.

How Does It Work?

Cycling Without Age is a nonprofit organization founded in Copenhagen, Denmark which functions due to help from volunteers (known as pilots) who conduct the elderly around on trishaws.

A trishaw is essentially a bicycle with a seating area for passengers, similar to a rickshaw but designed differently.

While the organization was founded in Denmark, it has since spread to 28 more countries all around the world. Cycling Without Age is a community endeavor, so it relies on the participation of others to work.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of volunteers to conduct members of nursing homes around their respective cities.

Responsibilities Of Pilots

Pilots have a certain set of responsibilities to ensure that the experience is enjoyable for their passengers. First, they must take care to cycle slowly.

This not only minimizes the risk of an accident, but it also allows the passengers to enjoy their environment and interact with others.

Pilots are encouraged to explain the program to any interested passers-by, spreading the word of Cycling Without Age and possibly inspiring others to volunteer.

Volunteering for Cycling Without Age is a touching experience, being able to grant mobility to those who are less able bodied than you.

Pilots are also encouraged to be good listeners. The elderly have experienced so much over the course of their lives, and these stories should not be forgotten.

Everyone leaves their mark on the world, and the stories you may hear as a pilot could shock you. In addition to listening, pilots are also encouraged to share their own stories politely.

There is no reason why your bond with your passengers should end after the ride is over. Cycling Without Age allows the younger generation to build relationships with older generations.

We are all human beings, and there is no reason that something as arbitrary as age should stop us from interacting with others.


Cycling Without Age is an organization with a truly noble goal. Far too many people leave their relatives in nursing homes and then forget about them.

An assisted living facility does not need to be a prison. We hope that this article has inspired you to learn more about this nonprofit.

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