Why You May Need A Cycling Coach And How To Choose

Why You May Need A Cycling Coach And How To Choose

Cycling is an individual sport for the most part, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from coaching.

Using a coach for your cycling is actually fairly common, and highly recommended for those wanting to take their cycling to the next level, whether you’re competitive or not.

Below, we’ll go over some of the many advantages a cycling can provide for you, and how to go about finding one that is best suited for your needs.


While cycling is a fairly simply activity, a coach can boost your performance in several different ways; some that may not be as obvious as others.


If you’re really trying to make significant gains with your riding, it can be very tempting to cheat yourself in terms of how often you train, and what your goals are.

Accountability goes beyond staying on schedule with your riding. It also stretches over to any lifestyle choice that could hinder your progress, and your diet as well. Having a cycle coach to answer to will help you stay in line and on track.


This is similar to the accountability aspect. It can be very easy to lose your drive with your cycling progress, whether it’s the desire to push harder on a consistent level, or even just getting on your bike in the first place. A cycling coach’s job largely revolves around keeping you motivated and driven for results


Cycling coaches are experts after all, so they are going to have plenty of advice for your riding, whether that involves what to eat on certain riding days, how to better your posture, increase your pedal efficiency, and a bunch of other helpful tips.


A cycling coach can help you formulate a training plan that is best suited for your body, and your goals. Having a coach will enable you to reach progress points much quicker, using a viable and reasonable training plan designed to get the best results possible.


  • ​When choosing a coach, it’s best to treat it almost like a job interview. After all, you are the one doing the hiring, and this coach is going to have a large role in your fitness life.
  • ​It’s always good to ask direct questions about their philosophy, experience, and credentials,rather than just going off of their personality, awards they’ve won, or how fast they are on the road.
  • ​Asking for references of other riders they’ve worked with is a totally appropriate question as well. Do your due diligence, whether that means contacting former clients, or looking up reviews.
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    ​In regards to personality, going with someone you feel at ease, open, and honest with will have a significant pay off.


Hiring a personal cycling coach could very well be just what you need to reach new heights in your riding. Again, you don’t have to be a competitive cyclist to benefit either. With a little research, and the right questions, you can end up with a perfect match that will push your cycling skills and fitness to much higher levels.


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