2 Tips For Reducing Cycling Back Pain

Cycling Back Pain

A love for cycling should never cause you pain of any sort. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Whether chronic or not, back pain tends to pop up in the worst of situations.

If you would like some remedies to cycling induced back pain, we will present some of the more common solutions for avid cyclists.

Keep in mind that every cyclist has a different body, so different techniques will have varying effects depending on the cause of your back pain and the type of pain you are experiencing.

It is for this reason that we will present several different remedies in the hope that every member of our audience can benefit from this article regardless of their pains.

Ensure That You Are Using Proper Technique

Most of the time, lower back pain while cycling results from using improper technique while you are on your bicycle.

Ensure that you adjust your biking stance to be ideal for you regarding comfort.

Often, riders choose a position which will get them to go faster at the expense of their comfort and physical health.

Keep in mind that this back pain can eventually get to the point that it can result in permanent damage.

Using proper technique for cycling

Taking the initiative and adjusting your technique before the pain gets any worse is the best possible choice. Even if it results in you slightly slowing down your biking and causes longer trips, it will be worth it.

Make Sure That Your Bike Is Properly Set Up

Another cause of back pain can be a bike which features either a frame in the wrong size or poorly adjusted component placement, like seat height and (if your bike features them) adjustable handlebars. You will want to look at our guides for ensuring that your bike seat is correctly positioned. This will make sure that your back is at the right angle as you pedal.

While seat height is easily adjustable, you will have a harder time dealing with a frame which is either too large or too small.

We would highly recommend investing in a frame which is sized properly for you, so you do not cause any undue damage to your back over the course of riding your bike.

We understand that a frame can get rather expensive, but it is important to look after your body first and foremost.

Properly bike set up

Even if this means not biking for a short time before getting your new frame, you will want to take precautions to ensure that you bike safely and healthily.


We hope that these two tips have helped you with your back pain issues while riding your bike. Nobody should have to deal with pain while enjoying the hobby that they love. Often, the cause of pain is an easily changed aspect of your biking, such as your setup or your technique.

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