Signs You Are Addicted To Cycling

Man addicted to cycling

Cycling is some of the most fun you can have on the road, easily up there with driving a sports car and skateboarding.

Unlike those other two, it is neither as expensive nor as risky to ride your bike.

That’s the beauty of cycling, it is affordable, accessible and fun, meaning everyone can enjoy it is a pastime.

Even better, there are no drawbacks to excessive cycling. You will simply get in better and better shape as you cycling more often, so you have the incentive to get right back on your bike day after day.

In this article, we will be looking at signs that indicate you may just be addicted to cycling.

You Know the Staff of Your Bike Club on a First Name Basis

There is a special bond that forms between the staff of a bike club and its more frequent members. They know that you, unlike all of the other Sunday riders, are serious about your biking. Perhaps they even know about your addiction.

Perhaps they even share that addiction, and that is why they are working in a bike club.

A bike club is an accepting environment where fellow cycling addicts can congregate, and there are fewer more serious cycling addicts than those who work at your bike club.

You Own More Than One Pair of Leg Warmers

Even though the 1980s have been over for quite some time, serious cycling addicts still wear leg warmers. Not as a fashion statement, but as an essential part of their kit to both improve aerodynamics, but to keep your legs warm on those longer night rides.

Black leg warmers for biking

That second pair of leg warmers is essential if you want to be able to go for a bike ride the day immediately after you already took a long trip. If you have been neglectful about washing one set of leg warmers, you always have the option of a second pair, instead of having to wait, or even worse, wear a dirty pair.

You Own Several Pairs of Biking Shoes

This point is similar to that concerning leg warmers, as having multiple pairs of cycling shoes ensures that you will be ready to go for a ride in any conditions.

This is useful in case one pair of shoes got wet or dirty the last time you were riding, and you want to get right back into the action.

White biking shoes

Biking shoes are an imperative part of your kit, and keeping them in pristine condition is another sign that you love your bike, but true addicts have a hard time throwing away their old biking shoes when buying a new pair.

A lot of hours of fun are vested in biking shoes, and it's a shame to see them go.


There is no reason to be ashamed of being a cycling addict; there are plenty of addictions which are less healthy. Cycling greatly improves your health and is fun at the same time. Be proud of your biking addiction and embrace it!

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