8 Crazy Cyclist Laws That’ll Leave You Scratching Your Head

Bike laws run the gamut from common sense safety regulations like helmets to off-the-wall crazy cyclist laws. It pays to learn what they are to avoid a fine.

There’s no worse buzzkill than a nasty-gram from a police officer.

Holland: Don’t Drink and Bike.

It’s a no-brainer when it comes to driving. You don’t imbibe and get behind the wheel. However, in Holland, it’s a cyclist law here and in most places.

Cyclist Drinking Beer

The kicker is that the limit is 0.05. But you can do the following legally:

  • ​Listen to music
  • ​Use your phone
  • ​Skip the helmet.
  • Go figure.

​​​​Madison, Wisconsin: Take Your Bike Home.

Okay, not that we’d ever considered it, but in Madison, Wisconsin, it is illegal to abandon your bike in any public place.

The police will give you 48 hours after they put a notice on your ride. Then, it’s bye-bye.

Idaho: Throw Johnny in the Backpack.

The state gets pretty fussy when it comes to how you can ride your bike. You can only do it while astride the seat. Is there another way? Oh, and if you want to bring your child with you, you can put him in your backpack—it’s fine as long as he’s secure.

Bike Child Backpack "Secure"

North Dakota: Don’t Leave Home Without It.

North Dakota gets the award for stating the obvious. You cannot, and we repeat, cannot, ride a bike that doesn’t have a brake.

But at least the state will give you a break if they catch you. The fine can’t exceed five bucks.

Texas: They Mean Business.

For the most part, the laws in Texas make sense and are similar to those you’d find in most places. Just rile them up though, or you’ll pay for it dearly. If you knowing obstruct a roadway, you can get 180 days in stir or a $2,000 fine—even both! Ouch!

Iowa: The Law Has You Covered.

We’ll give a shout-out to the state for taking care of us bicyclists. We get our full helping of grief from drivers if we dare venture out on public roadways.

Road rage at Cyclist

Share the road, man! Iowa makes it illegal for any of those jerks to:

  • ​Throw anything at you
  • ​Try to cut you off or veer toward you.

​​It’s a shame they had to make go so far as to make it illegal. But thanks for covering our backs!

California: It’s Not Built for Speed.

Electric bikes are all the rage for those who want to get in the wind but still take it easy on the old joints too. But in California, your high-speed rig isn’t welcome on any bike lane, trail, or path. Oh, and, leave that beast that’s too big for you to stop at home. It’s not allowed either.

The Los Angeles DOT offers this helpful tip if you have problems with your skirt flying up while you bike. Simply use a penny tied off in your skirt to weigh it down. Who knew?

Connecticut: Limit It to Two.

It’s illegal to ride more than two abreast in the state, according to Statute 14-286b(b). If they catch you, it’ll cost you a $50 fine plus a $7 fee and $35 surcharge for a total of $92.

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