Crazy Bike Records: A List Of Exceptional Cyclists

Exceptional Cyclists

The bicycle is one of the most impressive vehicles that man has ever designed. Ever since its invention, riders have been trying to get the most out of their cycling experience.

For some, this means getting exercise on your bike, for others, it means pushing the limits of what is possible.

We will be covering some of the most incredible records ever accomplished by cyclists over the course of this article.

Some of these records may shock you, due to the sheer impressiveness of the accomplishments.

Fastest Unassisted Cyclist

The speed record for bicycles can vary based on your criteria. In this case, we will be examining the fastest speed set by a human-powered bicyclist, as opposed to a towed or paced cyclist.

In this case, the record is held by Todd Reichert, who managed to achieve a speed of just under 89.6 mph. While it may be unbelievable to imagine a bicycle going as fast as a sports car, it has certainly been accomplished, and as technology improves, this record may be broken once again.

Fastest Paced Cyclist

When a cyclist is paced by an automobile, the speed record increases drastically.

Pacing is a technique in which a car with a special spoiler is allowed to drive in front of the cyclist to diminish the effects of wind resistance on the bike.

While this may not seem like it can have such a drastic effect, you would be surprised by the amount of speed lost due to wind resistance.

Fred Rompelberg, a Dutch cyclist, is the current world record holder, with a top speed of nearly 167 mph. This was accomplished by riding behind a specially modified dragster.

Fred Rompelberg

Hour Record

The hour record is one of the more prestigious bike records. It is measured by how far a cyclist can travel over the course of an hour on a velodrome.

This record takes both endurance and strength, and it is a true test of a rider's capabilities regarding both efficiency and technique. The current record holder for the longest distance traveled in an hour is Bradley Wiggins.

His record is 33.88 miles, which is quite impressive when you consider the difficulty of maintaining that average speed over an hour.

Most cyclists would find it difficult to ride at a speed of 33.88 mph for a short distance if they would even be capable of it.

Maintaining that speed over the course of an hour is an entirely different matter, which is exceptionally difficult, requiring perfect technique.

Record holder - Bradley Wiggins


We hope that our list of the craziest bike records has been impressive. Some of these records shocked even our staff, who pride themselves on knowing the most about cycling as both a hobby and form of exercise.

With enough practice and dedication, combined with advanced technology and construction, bicycles can accomplish incredible things.

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