3 Great Concept Bikes: The Future Of Cycling

The Future of Cycling

Even though they are very rarely released for public purchasing, concept bikes are an integral part of the advancement of cycling as a hobby.

Seeing what the future may hold for cyclists and their mounts are always interesting and give you quite a bit of food for thought about what we may be riding in the next decade or so.

Unfortunately, concept bikes are rarely as widely publicized as concept cars, so you have to actively search for upcoming concepts to stay on the cutting edge.

Regardless, concept bikes are interesting to consider for riders in the present, as they can give you ideas about what you can do to improve your bike.

Air Cleaning Bicycle

One of the more interesting bike concepts is one which is meant to clean the air of a heavily polluted city. This bike is intended to improve the health of both riders and denizens of the cities in which they are ridden. This concept, under development by a Dutch design firm, is still relatively early in its design process, but it is looking promising.

Bike as solution to air pollution

The bike functions by using an ionization filter to get the particles of smog out of the air in front of the bike and provide clean air to the rider. Being placed on the handlebars ensures that the air coming towards the rider's face will always be clean. It remains to be seen whether these bikes can have a larger scale impact regarding pollution.


The Di-Cycle is an incredibly exciting concept bike which combines the convenience of a bike with the water-going capabilities of a boat. If you have ever wished that your bike could be ridden down to the lake and used as a boat, you will find that the Di-Cycle is an interesting concept.

Di-Cycle - exciting concept

The Di-Cycle does not resemble a bike as much as it looks like a vehicle straight out of a sci-fi movie. With its large circular wheels and seat platform for a rider, it looks like a robot. The only thing that betrays this concept's bicycle heritage is the inclusion of recumbent pedals for the rider to power the bike.


The Rotation bike concept is one of the most unique bike concepts we have ever seen. It is more akin to a transformer than a bike. It folds up on itself for easier storage in small apartments.

The Rotation bike concept

One of the biggest issues with using a bike in a crowded city is finding suitable storage for your cycles. This model also has the capability of transforming into a unicycle, depending on your preference.


As you can see, there are several concepts which are not only interesting but present useful solutions to some of the daily issues faced by cyclists. We hope that this article was interesting for those of you interested in the future of cycling. But at the end of the day concept bikes are just that, a mere concept. If you want to find out which bike matches your needs take our quiz.

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