3 Commuting Tips From A 10-Year Veteran

3 Commuting Tips From A 10-Year Veteran

Commuting is a hobby that's gained a lot of popularity over the years. It gives people the chance to ride to work without spending extra money on gas.

Because of this, you should consider bike commuting as a method of transportation.

However, there are a few pieces of information that first-time commuters tend to forget. In this article, we speak on three commuting tips from a 10-year veteran.

Each of these tips is made to help enhance your experience while out riding. Now let's get started!

Stay Safe

Before riding, you need to get a pair of lights for your bike. These lights help notify vehicle owners and other commuters about your location.

This goes especially for night riders because there is less visibility during the evening.

Safety first yellow sign

You need a front (white) and back (red) pair of lights on your bicycle. This ensures that you're easily visible when you're out for a ride.

Making sure your bike is seen on traffic ensures that you'll have a safe ride without getting in an accident.

When riding, you want to be seen and heard. Don't be afraid to use your bell to alert drivers and pedestrians of your location.

Also, you can shout out a nice "heads up" to let others know that you're riding.

Either way, you need to tell others that you're there - Especially for large trucks, pedestrians, and turning vehicles.

Don't Spend A Ton Of Money On Bike Parts

As a cyclist, you'll need a few extra accessories to help you ride better. You'll need a strong lock and good helmet as one of your first purchases. These ensure that you'll ride safely without any issues.

However, you don't have to waste money right away. When starting to cycle, there are a few accessories that aren't needed at first.

Do you have an old bike hiding in your basement?

You should take it to your local bike shop and figure out how much it cost to make it completely safe.

We suggest setting up personal goals with rewards attached to them. For instance, riding 2 miles on a bike daily. As a reward for completing this feat, you can opt for healthier food or a new part. Stay motivated to help you track your progress and buy the accessories that are necessary.

Plan For Intense Weather

When riding, anything can happen. Especially the weather which changes almost every day. Make sure to dress drier and warmer than usual.

Man riding with raincoat riding a bike

We recommend dressing in layers of wool because it's warm, doesn't retain smells, and will become slightly cold when wet.

Lastly, if there are any shower facilities at your job, make sure to use them. It's easier to continue riding knowing that you'll be able to shower off the dirt and moisture once you get to work.


Commuting is fun, but you need to know how to do it correctly. Following these professional tips will make your commuting life easier and safer in the long run.

Conclusively, always practice safe riding and plan effectively in order to become a better commuter and cyclist.

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