What You Need To Know About Biking With Babies

What You Need To Know About Biking With Babies

For committed riders and casual riders alike, it can be hard to find time for a ride when you have a small child. There is a solution to this however: bring the baby with you!

Bringing a small child can be beneficial for you both. For yourself, you get to hop back on a bike, even if just for 10-15 minutes, without having to plan around it, wait for a babysitter, etc. For the baby, it gives them some outside time, and a chance to bond with you while doing one of your favorite activities.

To be frank, the topic on riding a bike with a baby tends to be a divisive one. There are plenty of side on the topic, with some saying to wait until a certain age, while others say you shouldn’t do it at all.

We’ll take the stance of leaving it up to the parents themselves. So, if you are against riding a bike with a baby on board, you can kindly exit the article and we’ll all be just fine.

For those who do support biking with a baby, or are simply exploring their options, we’ll quickly go over what you need to know, and some of the ways you can do it safely.

How do You Bring a Baby Along For a Ride?

In regards to your options for the baby, you now have a lot more than years past.


This is perhaps the oldest method, and one that your kid can easily grow with up to a certain point. With a bike trailer, your baby sits inside of a tent-like structure, which gives them the option of being protected from the sun and elements, or just get the full experience on the nicer days.

A trailer is best for infants who may not be able to wear a helmet yet. The trailer is secure and enclosed if need be, and many baby-specific models have straps and something that resembles a car seat inside, allowing them to sit like they would in the car.

Other baby trailers allow you to actually fit an entire car seat inside instead. Both produce the same results. 

Bike Seats

If your kid is old enough to wear a helmet, bike seats are a great option. These usually place the child in an upright position, while remaining secured inside the seat with straps.

This allows the child to see what you’re seeing, and you get to keep them closer than you would in a trailer as well. Older bike baby seats were only available as rear models, but now there are  baby seats that you can place in front of you, which some parents may prefer for other reasons.

Bike Seats for Babies


There is no right or wrong answer when biking with a baby, it’s all about what you are comfortable with, and what your baby will be safest in. By general rule, we suggest any rides you make with a baby always be on quiet streets with little to no traffic, or on paved paths at local parks.

When done right, you can enjoy a bike ride with your baby, giving you some much needed time in the saddle, while exposing your child to the world of biking at a young age. Enjoy!

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