Bikes Carrying Unlikely Loads

Bikes Carrying Unlikely Loads

Few methods of transportation are as effective for getting through tight spaces as the bicycle.

While the bicycle may be ideal for crowded alleys and small streets, this aspect must sometimes be sacrificed to carry a certain amount of goods.

There are many places in the world where bicycles are the main form of transportation.

When there are no cars around to carry oversized loads, the task naturally falls to bikes and their dedicated riders.

Over the course of this article, we will discuss some of the more absurd loads we have seen people carry on their bicycles.


One man decided to carry a figurative ton of bricks on his bicycle to build his home. While riding the bike would obviously be impossible with a large number of bricks covering the seat and the frame, the bike could still be walked to the destination.

This use of a bike as a makeshift cargo dolly is one of the more impressive applications we have seen regarding using a bike for oversized loads.

Bikes are capable of doing a lot of good for the world, and few examples exist that are as literal as a man using one to build his home.

All Manner Of Different Products

Bicycle vendors in India manage to take overloading a bicycle to an entirely different level than anywhere else in the world.

We have seen cyclists with loads of assorted goods on their bicycles, ready to be sold. These goods can include anything from cutlery to bottles of water.

Depending on the success of their business, bicycle vendors can choose to sell almost any kind of product which is not regulated by law.

The use of a bike allows the vendor to be present at almost any location which features many people. This makes it easier to sell one’s goods due to the presence of far more potential customers.

Recycling And Garbage Bags

In some countries, bikes take the role of garbage trucks, which is not as bad of an idea as it sounds. After all, trash trucks are a large contributor to carbon dioxide emissions.

There is no better method to recycle your goods than to use a method of transportation which is entirely green.

Even when it comes to garbage, there is enough pollution caused by landfills.

It is a good idea to cut down on the pollution produced in getting the garbage there in the first place.

Regardless of how green it is, it is surprising just how many bags of trash someone can fit onto a bike and still be able to maintain their balance.


Bicycles are certainly versatile. Being able to carry such a load on a bike is one of the more impressive sights we have witnessed. It must take a good deal of skill and balance to be able to do what most of these cyclists can do.

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