Top Reasons Why Anyone Travels By Bike

Top Reasons Why Anyone Travels By Bike

Typical ways people travel nowadays is through a plane, car, or train.

When you’re packing a suitcase and planning an itinerary, you create a travel experience that’s dictated by consumption.

The time spent going to your destination is seen as something you have to endure rather than enjoy.

When you mention to people you'll be traveling by bike, it's hard for them to understand why you're embarking on such a lengthy endeavor.

To understand traveling through countries via using your bike, you must remove any modern understanding of travel.

Below are reasons dictating why traveling with your bike is the way to go.

Great For Your Health

Riding your bike as a main mode of travel entails a lot of health benefits that go a long way into sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Riding your bike even to complete your most basic tasks like shopping and commuting saves you money as well since you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on gas a year.

Bike riding allows you to complete a fitness activity without making you reserve time out of your day to exercise. Most doctors specialized in fitness say that people receive the same cardiovascular benefits from riding their bike when compared to other forms of aerobic exercise such as walking, dancing, or jogging.

Specifically, riding your bike strengthens your hips, thighs, and the rear end area of your body. If the route you're also taking includes climbing hills, both your upper body and arms will benefit from your workout as well.

People may think running is a better alternative, but riding your bike as a primary form of exercise helps preserve cartilage and is more gentle on your joints than running.

People who suffer from foot problems, muscle strain, and knee troubles always prefer riding their bike over driving their car or even running.

List Of Health Benefits

  • Increased strength
  • Increased calories burned
  • Suitable for people of all ages
  • Increased stamina and endurance
  • Increased flexibility and balance
Girl sitting and watching the Eiffel Tower with bike parked next to her

Saves You Time

You have to factor in how convenient riding your bike is when you have to go anywhere, especially if you live in a major city. You never have to worry about parking since there’s always going to be a place to park your bike and it’s always free.

Turquoise bike parked by the lake

Riding your bike to work also makes traffic jams an irrelevant part of your life. Clearly, on long trips, cars will cover more ground in a shorter time span, but you don't get a unique experience out of doing that.

Riding a bike as your main mode of transportation in a long road trip will ensure you a one in a lifetime experience. Most people opt out to use a bike for short trips rather than long trips since you can easily maneuver through heavy traffic and move at faster speeds than most cars around you.

Also, if you’re going to a music festival, consider going there on a bike since you don’t have to get there hours before to find the ideal parking spot. Think about the traffic you don’t have to wait through and the money you’ll save not ordering an overpriced taxi.


Riding your bike as your primary mode of transportation will improve your lifestyle and save you money at the same time. In fact, there's close to no downside in riding your bike, so you should take your's out for a spin today.

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