5 Reasons To Use Bicycles For Transportation

Have you ever wondered why people began to switch to bike commuting? Unlike driving a car, cycling gives users a cheaper alternative and is more fun to use.

In this post, we'll speak on five reasons why you should use a bike for transportation.

Our main idea is to give you reasons why biking is the safer alternative. It's financially and economically cheaper than cars and is good for your health.

Continue reading to find out why cycling is one of the best methods of commuting and how it can benefit your life.

It's Easier To Afford Than A Brand New Car

In today's economy, it's hard to find an auto loan these days; even if your credit is perfect. For the price of one car payment, you can invest in a bike that will last longer than most cars.

A few hundred dollars extra, and you can buy rain gear and accessories to help you ride your bike in almost any weather.

Bicycles Are A Great Alternative To A Second Car

You might not be in a position to use a bicycle as a primary source of transportation. But bikes make good secondary vehicles.

You'll save a few thousand dollars a year using a bicycle for everyday commuting and household errands that might call for a second car otherwise.

Bicycles Reduce The Cost Of Gas

Unlike cars, your bicycle doesn't need gas as a source of fuel. This means that you can freely ride with it without paying extra for oil.

On average, you're going to pay at least $3 per gallon of gas you use for your car.

Since you'll need at least 20 gallons to have a sufficient amount of gas, you'll end up paying $60 each time you go to the station.

Having a bike frees you from this cost. You'll only have to pay for adding air to your tires and a replacement set of wheels. Both will total to up to $50.

Bikes are more cost-effective than cars, and you can save money on gas by using it.

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Helps You Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

Biking as a means of transportation is good for you. While the calories burned will vary between each person, the topography, and their pedaling speed, cycling is proven to burn more calories than jogging. In fact, biking is a safer alternative because it doesn't place too much impact on your joints.

Cycling helps improve cognitive thinking, increases energy, boosts muscle growth, and enhances your aerobic and cardiovascular fitness. Each time you commute, you sneak these health benefits in your body making you both physically and mentally stronger in the process.

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Safer Method Of Transportation

Statistic shows that over 33,000 people die a year in car accidents. Compare that to the 667 fatalities caused by cycling. Riding bikes are safer to use and reduce the chance of you getting an injury while you're out on the road.


We believe that commuting on a bike is the safest, most cost-efficient method of transportation. It helps your boy stay in shape while also saving you tons of money a year. Continue to cycle frequently to see the ecological, financial and health benefits.

Do you have any stories about commuting with your bike?

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