4 Essential Things To Pack During A Long Bike Ride

4 Essential Things To Pack During A Long Bike Ride

Today we'll overview the top 4 necessary items you need while out riding. Each of them is made to repair your bike in the event of a tire puncture.

Having these items on board reduce the risk of an emergency while prolonging your bike trip.

By the end of this post, you'll know exactly what to take on your next ride.

What To Pack​

Drinks and an air pump are some of the most important things to take with you when going on a long bike ride.

Inner Tube

When out riding, you should get an extra pair of inner tubes. There are certain occasions when your bike might puncture. Having a spare set of tubes will help you repair your bike and keep it running properly.

If you're riding for less than an hour, then one tube will suffice. When riding in areas with a lot of rain, you should bring at least two inner tubes. This ensures that you can continue cycling if the tube breaks.

Drinks & Snacks

Your body needs proper nutrition throughout the duration of your trip.

Cyclist drinking from the bottle

Drinks that are high in carbohydrates provide a substantial amount of energy.

We recommend drinking only energy drinks and other low-sugar foods to continue riding during long races.

With snacks, you'll want food such as granola bars and raisins.

These foods have carbohydrates and allow the carbohydrates to enter your body quickly.

Make sure to stay well hydrated and fed throughout your cycling route.

Multi Tool

There's a lot that can go wrong when out cycling. Tire punctures, lack of air, and a damaged axle are common things that can happen. We suggest getting a multi-tool that has a selection of items. Small multi-tools have a limited amount of parts, while larger ones allow you to do a complete bike repair while on the road.

The multi-tool that you buy will depend on your carrying capacity and your knowledge on how to use said tool. We recommend getting a multi-tool that has a chain breaker and Allen keys options.

Air Pump

If you puncture your tire while out in the road, you'll need a tool to help you replace the inner tube. Without an air pump, and you'll have to get a cab or a train ride back home. You only two options in this situation is a gas canister and an air pump.

Get a pump that's frame fit. Frame fit pumps evenly distribute air throughout the tires and is easier to use than traditional pumps.

Mini pumps are easier to carry, while longer pumps provide more air through each pump.

Gas canisters are the fastest way to add air in your inner tube.

On average, it takes at least 3 seconds to pump your tool fully.

Warning, your canister will freeze if too much CO2 is out. If your canister isn't properly covered, make sure your hands are.

Man using hand air pump for his bike


Accidents happen while riding. However, you don't have to come unprepared. Carry an extra set of tires, inner tubes, and an additional air pump to continue riding.

Getting the right amount of tools ensures that you'll be able to ride safely after receiving your first tire puncture.

Remember, a flat tire can drastically alter your cycling performance. On most occasions, you'll have to stop cycling immediately to conduct repairs. Conclusively, having tools in your possession increases the chance that you'll ride your bike after an emergency.

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