Bike Part Furniture: More Than Just An Artistic Statement

Bike Part Furniture: More Than Just An Artistic Statement

When you are in love with cycling, it permeates your entire life. What better way to show your appreciation for cycling than to have some of your furniture made from bike parts?

This is not as uncomfortable as it sounds, and we will give you a few examples to prove that the idea can work.

As a cyclist myself, I have always wondered why there are not more ways to express that in your home decoration besides the typical Tour de France posters.

Now that opportunity is here with furniture that is manufactured using bike parts.

Making furniture with unusual components is not a new idea. In fact, there are markets for furniture such as this for other disciplines besides cycling, like for motorists, sports players, and many other hobbies.

Enough rambling, though, we will get into some of the more impressive pieces of bike part furniture that we have seen.

Vector Bike Part Chair

If you have always wanted a chair that can easily express your love for cycling, there are few better options than the Vector Bike Part Chair.

Mainly composed of a combination of bike rims and bike spokes, the bike part chair is more comfortable than one would expect.

The comfort comes from vinyl which is laid over the parts which make up the chair. This chair is an excellent choice for a loft with a more industrial look, due to the combination of bare metal parts and bright colors which stand out.

Bike Wheel Table

The bike wheel table is another excellent piece of equipment which uses bike wheels as a main component. The circular part of the table is made with an entire bike wheel, and it is up to you whether or not you prefer to place the tire on the wheel to function as protection against bumping.

Bike Chain Chandeliers

Another very industrial looking piece of bike part furniture is a bike chain chandelier.

These can get rather heavy thanks to all of the chains which go into making one, but it is well worth the effort to bring one into your home and hang it up.

These chandeliers are all entirely handcrafted, so you know that they are quality products.

Consisting of an elegant mix of both style and functionality, the bike chain chandelier is a perfect choice for cyclists who want to demonstrate their passion in their lighting setup.

Picasso’s Bike Bull

Click on the image to see another expression of artistic piece using bike parts

These extravagant chandeliers manage to resemble their wrought iron ancestors of the Victorian era.


We hope that this article has been helpful for those of you searching for bike part furniture.

While it may seem like a bit of a niche product category, there are certainly a good number of pieces of furniture to choose from, and we have barely even scratched the surface.

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