Bike Flats: How To Repair Your Bike

Bike Flats: How To Repair Your Bike

Do you know what to do once your tire becomes damaged? Learning how to fix a flat is what separates a bad cyclist from a good one.

In this post, we'll explain the various types of flats and the steps you can take to get it running properly.

Flat Types

There are several flat types.


Punctures occur by running over sharp objects that can poke a hole through your tires and enter your tube. Sharp objects such as nails, bits of wire, thorns, and glass silvers, are the main cause for punctures.

The average puncture will make a small hole in your tires. To fix this, you need to patch up or replace the inner tubing of your bicycle. Don't forget to remove that sharp objects before you place your tire back on the bike.


When riding, you'll start to notice your wheels starting to lose air quietly. This is then followed by a loud bang sound effect.

Man fixing flat bike tire

Since your inner tube is like a balloon, pumping air to the outside of the tire will cause it to expand.

Your inner tube is unable to take all of the pressure alone; you need to hold it inside a tire to get the full pressure.

If your tire is unable to hold the inner tube, then the tube will explode.

Keep your bike filled with even pressure when attempting to fix a blowout.

Pinch Cuts

Most of the time, pinch cuts occur when hitting curbs, sharp edges, and stones on the road surface. It happens when your tire hits a sharp edge hard enough that it starts to compress until it bottoms out.

Pinch cuts are viewed as two tiny holes in your tube. This type of flat tire is also referred to as snake bites because the two holes look as if they were made by a snake. To fix them use strips of an old tire to patch the wound or buy a new set of tires.

How To Repair Flat Tires

First, you'll want to remove your wheels from your bike. Tires collect dust and dirt as time progresses. Use a pair of light cleaning gloves to remain safe. This ensures that you'll remove your tires without any dirt coming in contact with your body.

When repairing your tires, inspect the wheel to see if the cause of the flat is obvious. There might be a hole in your bike's sidewall or another obvious problem. Sometimes the cause will not be as obvious from the outside, but a quick glance can help save some time.

Woman fixing flat bike tire

Here are a few steps on how to fix your broken tire.

  • Remove the front and back wheel.
  • Check to see if there is cuts, rips or tears in each of the tires.
  • Use a spare tire and begin pumping it with air.
  • Use an extra inner tube and pump it with air.
  • Reinstall the tire wheels


Riding while having a flat is dangerous and can lead to further issues later on. Because of this, you'll need to remove and repair your tires to continue riding safely.

Doing this ensures that your flat tire will be removed; making it easier for you to ride more efficiently and without the fear of your tire becoming damaged.

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