Getting Behind The Bike Festival Scene

Getting Behind The Bike Festival Scene

People who are fervent bikers tend to congregate and celebrate all things having to do with bikes.

Even if you're a mountain biker, you can't resist the opportunity to hang out with people who love biking just as much as you do.

For those who love to race on bikes or want a family-friendly week full of bike riding, you should consider going to a bike festival.

The first bike festival to reach American soil was about 30 years ago at Crested Butte. If you were to go online and look up Crested Butte, you'd see that the festival is still popular to this day.

If you are particular about what you do when you bike, then you should go to a bike festival specific to your needs.

One thing all bike festivals have in common though is that they'll immerse you into the world full of bikes, and you'll be surrounded by people who feel the same way you do.

Below are some bike festivals you should surely check out.

1. Crankworx

Crankworx is by far the biggest bike festival and party situated in North America. This festival features rad professional bikers performing the craziest tricks. If you expect a lot of partying, this is the festival that will have you partying for ten days straight.

Crankworx bike festival.

This festival hosts a professional biking competition called Whistler, so all types of legends appear to defend their names. There's even a weekend concert series, exhibitions, demos and clinics, parties, and photo and video contests.

This festival moves on the international scale, so take advantage of it when it comes near you.

What’s the cost?

For those who just want to watch and not become involved in any of the events, there won’t be any fee. If you want to take part, you’ll need to buy yourself some passes before you go in. It’ll save you time and money.

2. Vermont Mountain Bike Fest

For those looking for a family-friendly bike festival, Vermont Mountain Bike Fest is what you've been searching for. Vermont Mountain Bike Fest is three days long and features family camping events, as well as guided rides, contests, and clinics.

When you look at the state of Vermont, you'll understand why such a popular bike festival would be located there. Vermont has over 20 mountain bike clubs and over 1000 miles of legal bike trail. For a biker, the state of Vermont is a dream world.

Every year Vermont Mountain Bike Fest takes place on a different mountain path, so you'll need to stay up to date with relevant information. However, every year the fun always remains the same.

Vermont mountain bike festival.

When you register to take part in this festival, you’ll have access to guided rides that range from beginner to expert levels, and lakes and river for you to swim in when you’re tired of bike riding.

There’s also a BBQ, MTB Olympics, and a lot of open space where you can just lay back on and relax.

What’s the cost?

Vermont Mountain Bike Fest isn't that expensive, and VMBA members even get a 15% discount.

Final Thoughts

For bike festival newbies, you can choose between a family friendly version of a bike festival or a week long party version of a bike festival. Regardless of which one you decide to go to, you’ll surely make memories you’ll never forget.

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